Schiller Park, Illinois

Walked into Walgreens and made a purchase. Came back into store within 20 seconds and said I forgot, I need change for a dollar.

Mind you, this is (was) my regular Walgreens store. Cashier knew me. Was told store policy they can't make change without purchase. Said I was just here, walked out the door, walked back in to get change.

Same story, can't do it. Asked for manager, he confirmed, only managers can make change.

If they want to be my friendly, neighborhood drug store, they have a bad way in showing it. Have now switched my scripts to CVS and do not shop at any Walgreens any more.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Manager.

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walgreens is not a bank. go to a bank if you want change.


Yes tulare ca walgreen sucks especially one which is close to inyo street . The employees are so rude dont even say hi hello especially the girl with glasses.

She is very rude dont provide good customer ship looks like she is forcefully there and they are really unfriendly.


That's just a shame, She. You should not be treated that way.

Our store manager in New York would not tolerate that kind of poor customer service. Make your voice heard.

Send an email to corporate and I promise, the issues will be addressed. :)


I'm very sorry this happened to you. I work for Walgreen's in New York City and we'd never tell a customer we could not make change.

Especially for one of our regulars. There is an 800 number on your receipts. I would call that number and let them know what happened and make sure you speak with the head store manager if you have a complaint at the store next time. You probably spoke to an assistant or a shift lead.

Again, I apologize that you had this happen to you. It would never happen at our store. If you're ever in the Big Apple, stop by our store in the Empire State Building and ask for Tina.

I'll buy you a coffee and a Danish. :)


I love your comments Tina. I work for Walgreens as well.

Will definitely see you as well!!!! LOL


I used to work for walgreens and hated it. But it is store policy everywhere that you cannot open the drawer to make change.

People have tried to scam stores with this all the time. They'll slap down a dollar then when you make the change for them they'll complain that they gave you a ten.

I know it sounds unreasonable to not open a drawer but look at it as if it were your business... do youwant to lose that money?


I honestly think it's hilarious that you were so butthurt about not getting change that you decided to "switch over your prescriptions"! I've worked a few different walgreens and all of their policies are different.

When you navigate the options on the cash register, it asks why you need the register opened, and then logs it onto your employee account. This information is sent to the district and some have different views on this than others. Whereas, managers can use a physical key and bypass using the register commands. Otherwise, the only way a cashier can open the register is through a cash purchase.

Facts are that the company isn't hurting, it's growing and becoming international. Companies don't grow without supporters and patrons, if that gives you any idea as to how little your transfer means.


They hammer it into us that we are not to give change unless a purchase is currently being made. Getting fired is not worth making change for somebody


It's mainly because they have limited money as it is. There's a reason why many Walgreens stores only do $20 in cash back now.

I know, change for a dollar is simple, but why make exclusions? Even if you did ask while you were making your purchase, they still are not obligated to make change for you or to give your change back in your personal preference.