San Antonio, Texas

The employees were quite responsive so I have no complaints there. This exact event has occurred with me three separate times over the past two years, each time with different, but polite people at the counter. The second time I had to call Walgreen headquarters personally on this and was told this problem would be fixed. It is not so now I am looking at additional ways to follow this up.

My complaint is with how things are being managed. I phoned in a prescription renewal last Thursday morning. It was not ready on Sunday and I was told the Dr has not gotten back and I got a temporary refill. I came back Wednesday and was told the Dr still hasn't gotten back and I could not have a temporary refill............... on a prescription I have been advised would be dangerous to me if it was interrupted.

In checking with the Dr it was confirmed the approval was indeed faxed over days before. ................ but that's neither here nor there. I have no interest in pointing fingers.

My complaint is the lack of followup. At what point do they determine there may be a problem in filling a prescription? Who makes this determination? What is the followup procedure? When is that procedure followed? Where is the initiative? Right now the procedure is to wait for a customer to bring this to their attention. If it has happened to me three times in two years what about other customers?

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Prescription Refill.

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