Winter Park, Florida

I call for a price on a car battery and got hung up on. The lack of caring at this store really is over the top.

They don't have the same stuff in there when you go back for it. The pharmacy takes too much time for the medicine to be brought down. Mr. Walton would not like what has happened to this store.

I really expect more from a Walmart than this. It wouuld not surprise me if another store came in and did a better job. Target,Kohls,and so on.

I guess if you don't care it is alright. I am taking my medicine over to Walgreens though.

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I was just assuming the person was drunk... could you imagine what the poor clerks were thinking? They probably thought he was a crank caller.


I Don't think he is complainting about Walgreens as much as Walmart.


They sell car batteries???

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