Tulsa, Oklahoma

They are great and they have very polite employees, Great prices and a great places to shop. Sad that when people try to do there jobs, someone gets upset.

Because there are guidelines to follow, because of druggies out there, that have ruined things for honest people, Just like writing a check crooks have ruined that for good people. But don't thrown the baby out with the bath water. People grow up quit wearing your feelings.

Start acting and appreciate that there are rules and regulations to follow to protect people. It's is better to be really safe and cautious than sorry.

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When someone has terminal cancer and are at deaths door and are in extreme agony is it better to be safe than sorry?Think before you post next time.


PS... I forgot something..

I said: "You either, have never tried filling a pain kill script or (say) Anti Anxiety med, more then once at Walgreens..." (I never fiished the you either..)

The other, "You either" is... your a Pharmacists that condones, judging others, & or Pharmacists that play Doctor..Or your a employee..

So which is it. Because I can't believe you only go to Walgreen's to, buy groceries


Well how about the honest people they treat like ***! Everyone bringing in a Scheduled script is a druggie?

You either, have never tried filling a pain kill script or (say) Anti Anxiety med, more then once at Walgreens.. We're not saying that, "A few Walgreen's harass" Patients, I'm saying... to date (06.23.14) every Walgreens I've used.. Have a Policy of Harassing Chronic Pain Patients, & or Patients who have to fill more then 1 Script for schedule Meds.

It's even become Policy written by Walgreens HQ.. As of this last fall when I dumped my last Walgreen's. They like to Play Doctor, with their Pharmacist license, & its wrong.. I'm actually thinking of starting a Boycott of Walgreen's Pharmacy's..

Thats when they'll change their ways... But not before they loose profits.

I'll be putting my Webmaster skills to work on trying to take down a Conglomerate, & why not Walgreens.. At least thats something I can use to fight back dirty business practices...

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