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I contacted Walgreens Pharmacy in Cleveland Tx spoke to the Pharm Tech Odda I called because I was going to pay cash for my prescription and did not want to spend a bunch of my own money because my health insurance policy hadn't kicked in yet. Upon speaking with Odda I asked her to have 9 pills out of a script of 75 pills to be filled.

Which are about 10.00 a pill. Concerned about cost I called my physicians office, after speaking with my doctor he graciously give me a coupon for 15 pills free. Satisfice to say, I was very happy about that and immediately called Walgreens back to change my order to the 15 tablets my doctors coupon allotted me. I spoke to another Pharmacy Tech who I now believe to be Omar asking him to change my prescription order to the 15 pills for the coupon my doctor had given me and that I had been waiting by this time 1 hour 1/2 and needed to come get my prescription as I was now in a hurry to get somewhere because I had people waiting on me and I couldn't be late, My ride would be leaving promptly at 5:00PM and it was now 4:00 PM and that I had been waiting for my corrected prescription since 2:30PM.

I told him I would be there to pick up my prescription in 20 minutes I expected it to be filled. Omar then informed me it could be another 20 to 30 minutes before my prescription could be filled... at this point I am levied I told him I would be there in 20 minutes to get my prescription ready. By this point I am in a big hurry after contacting the pharmacy 5 times over the phone during the course of the day.

I went to picked up my prescription in a rush due to waiting for my prescription to be filled. I then left to just barely arrive at my destination leaving to go out of town overnight. When given the opportunity to look down at my prescription it has only the 9 pills in the bottle and my coupon had be spent. I contact the store the very next day and spoke to the same pharmacist Odda I spoke to the day before I explained the situation to her and she commenced to telling me she wasn't going to correct the mistake that after I had used the 9 pills I could then come pick up the prescription as if because they where a controlled substance she could pull that I am the pharmacist and I will tell you when you can have your medication BS I became Irate but still in control of my emotions (barely though) I told her I was not going to be put off this was clearly there mistake I had called 5 times the day before put on hold for several minutes each time I called, I was talking to her now and it should be handled now to let it go on longer would make harder to rectify and I wasn't going to play that game with her.

She ignored my concerns and dismissed me as if I didn't matter. Hoping she would do the right thing I called back again before going to pick up my prescription the next day, went through the recorded line to check if my prescription was ready for me to pick up, low and behold it wasn't placed and sitting on hold again waiting for a pharmacy tech to answer... then finally someone did, it was one of the clerks. I explained the situation to her and again I was placed on hold.

Finally the pharmacy tech picked up I asked him if he was aware of what I was calling about and he said no explaining again the situation regarding what had transpired he ask my for the phone number on the coupon so he could contact McKesson Corp who retain the contract with Orexo who manufactures and distributes the prescription I take to see what could be done to rectify the fiasco that is dealing with Walgreens. I gave him the number he told me he would contact me back at which point I gave him my phone number and asked for his name and to my surprise (not really) it was Omar one of the reason for this whole mix up. When Omar finally called me back to explain he couldn't do anything about the problem created by Walgreens pharmacy techs I would have to speak to another Pharmacist the next day and that pharmacist would have to reimburses the pharmaceutical company and start all over again. I am still waiting on the call back for the Pharmacist to do the over ride.

Walgreens used to be a great place to get a few items on the way home while picking up your prescription. Now its a bunch of barely English speaking rude make up the rules as you go along know it all's who know nothing about the honor system our country was founded on with a little seniority but no real knowledge of good customer service that are being held accountable to no one. And more than likely won't be reprimanded by anyone on the corp. level for fear of political correctness, instead of correcting the policy put in place by the political heads the tail (subordinate's) have as the only example to follow.

And it goes on and on the head chasing the tail or is it the tail following the head?

I do even know anymore it's gotten so far gone. Where is the good in good customer service or for that matter the service in customer service?

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Prescription Refill.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $155.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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