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I was picking up photos at Wallgreens last week and experienced an issue that should cause extreme concern.

I am embarrassed and guilty that I did not stand up and defend the victim. After playing it though my mind and feeling extreme cowardice I decided to write this complaint. I real life had a rewind button....

On July 18th I was at the counter with about 7 people waiting in line to check out. It was crowed but quiet and under control when a man and a woman came in acting very loud, impatient and clearly under the influence of something.

The where grabbing at the candy in the front, below the registers. They were cutting in line trying to pay and negotiate a price for the candy. (they only had a dollar) Now this is a normal NY day but then it got offensive.

A customer who was at a register was a little person. She was maybe 4 feet in stature. She wore professional dress obviously on her way home from work.

The man and the woman began grabbing at the candy over her shoulders at ear level and trying to put their change on the counter in front of her.

She reacted by throwing up her arms and firmly asking for them to stop. There where four registers with employees working with customers.

At this point the couple began to back away mocking and making extremely bigoted comments in reference to her stature.

When she looked to the employees in order for them to react to this behavior in their store they all began laughing and smirking. Even what I believe was the manager. They all did nothing!

The woman then rushed out with her purchase in anger and embarrassment. The employees continued to laugh and joke after she left for at least 5 minutes.

I am good person try to think that I act against discrimination and injustice but today I am so embarrassed and guilty that I did not. I failed one of life's challenges in this moment to help a fellow human being.

Please inform me if the woman has filed a complaint as I would like to help do the right thing.

Thank You.



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this is one not for this web site but for a discrimination suit

hope the lady did contact Walgreens corporate with he lawyer


I work for Walgreens and I assure you, the last thing we want to see is any of our customers being embarrassed or abused in any way. Had I seen this, I'd have taken action against these people and would have seen to it that those people were ejected from the store in the blink of an eye.

I'm sorry that you were witness to such an event and don't feel badly about not defending her. Its New York and you just don't know what could have happened. The best thing to do is to call for a manager if you can. Now, the employees that were laughing and joking when the customer left the store would be firmly dealt with at our store in New York.

No way our managers would have tolerated mocking or making fun of a customer. Do feel free to call the corporate hotline and let them know what happened and I promise, they will address this situation.

We want our customers happy and to feel welcome and comfortable in our store. Please accept my apology for what you've been through.

First Born Triplet

The old bystander effect, you all expected someone else to do something and no one did a thing. I guess the employees did not help her because they wanted to get them out of the store asap. Good thing you did not do a thing either because you don`t know how some looney toon would react.