Arlington Heights, Illinois

I completed an online application. I had an interview and was told I had a job.

They were not sure what store and when I would start. Many weeks went by and no one called me back or replied to my emails. Finally I was brought in to the training store and I was asked to take more tests and go for a drug test and also agree to a background check. I was again told I had a job.

After waiting again ( almost 6 weeks now ) I was told sorry there is no job. I am very very upset.

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to be honest that was kind if dumb since these facts are easily reputable when they call your references and former employers. if you're going to make yourself look better and like an employee with potential, just make yoyr job sound better than it was.

for exampke, you worked in a particular department? write it this way: i was a beauty adviser, meaning i was in charge of ordering, inventory, customer service, money handling (important! cashier is so run of the mill.

money handling sounds better!) never claim to be a manager or shift leader if you weren't because it will be found out. not only do you look like an *** but you set yourself up to take positions you might not be able to handle, all based off of your "experience" on your resume.


By purposely not disclosing in your complaint the full circumstances of their refusal (your dishonesty), you're misrepresenting your case, therefore confirming their decision not to hire you due to your repetitive dishonesty.


You suck lol. Can't even get a job at walgreens loll


Who would want to hire someone that lies from the get go. Try being honest a you might get job. Lyers never prosper.


They told me that they did not give me the job because I lied on my application to sound better. Everyone does that.

For example I said I worked in higher positions thatn I did. Claimed I had more of an education than I did.

They told me because I lied on my application and resume that they had to tabe back their offer. I bet even you lie on applications and everyone else did as well.


Not everyone lies on applications. I for one never have! There is not reason to lie because you will definitely be found out!


maybee background check not good?