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My Brother buys in the Reparto Wallgreens practically everyday. He shops for our father who is 93 years old for his needs plus his medicine.He has been living in the Reparto area for over 40 years and every time he walks into that store he is stared down and watched, and once told that he may have a gun .

He is a not a crook- none of US are as we are good customers and should be well KNOWN by the entire staff at that store.

One instant in the pass that was well documented a worker in that store was arrested for selling drugs. If anyone is doing anything to harm that store is isn't the customers.

I will call the manager in the morning and inform him promptly.

This is not the first time that he returns home to complain about the bad treatment that he recieves from the people that work there. It has been NUMEROUS times.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Manager.

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Melbourne, Florida, United States #831282

Why isn't your brother doing his own complaining? If the employees watch him while he is in the store, he has done something, at some time that aroused suspicion.

Was the employee selling drugs in the store, or was he outside or even not on the schedule at the time. How is this well docmented, and how do you know about it?

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