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My granddaughter had the flu and along with her prescribed meds she was accidentally also given 120 tablets of 50mg Tramadol, (a pain killer). Had we not caught it she would have never woke up.

The pharmacist tried to cover it up and after filing a complaint with Walgreen's all they can say is that it was no big deal because she didn't die! Please show empathy by boycotting Walgreen's! They don't care, tried to cover it up. I've gone thru local, regional and corporate levels.

Also, did you know that they are not required to report incidents to the State Board of Pharmacy? You have to do that yourself! Nice!

The pharmacist has never even apologized.....Walgreen's also "compensates" shoppers for "minor inconveniences ".....guess this doesn't qualify since she didn't die. Thanks for nothing Walgreen's @ the Corner of Sad and Deadly!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Pharmacist.

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Well, I am calling a HUGE B.S. on this one.

Why the *** wouldn't you check your daughter's medications beforehand? And, yes, they are required to file reports if an situation like this occurs. Several reports as a matter of fact.

And NO Pharmacist, Store Manger, District Office, Regional Office, Corporate Office, or anyone in between is going to shrug it off and say "oh well it doesn't matter cuz she isn't dead". You are so full of it.


You are so full of it, anonymous.

Why don't you admit that you areLadyScot?

Ashamed of yourself?

Should be!!


No, they are not kidding. Why wouldn't you double, triple or even quadruple check medicine?

And how would the Tramadol have killed her? Would she have taken all the pills at once? If so, that sure as *** wouldn't have been Walgreen's fault.

People.....stop putting blame on everyone else. Sheesh.


Actually it is up to the consumer to catch mistakes in prescriptions,,,, are you *** kidding me. Your saying its not up to the 'licensed' pharmacist to ensure the perscription is filled correctly before ever leaving the counter??? So what is your job title at Walgreens??


Actually it is up to the consumer to catch mistakes in prescriptions, and whatever other merchandise that they are purchasing.