Fort Lauderdale, Florida

I have had nothing but problems trying to fill my pain medication at Walgreens. Last month there was a new pharmacy manager that refused to fill my scripts because I live 2 miles from that pharmacy which happens to be the same pharmacy I have been going to for the past 2 years.

After going thru their corporate office and attempting to fill them at over 30 Walgreens I finally got them filled. Definetly not without being treated like a piece of you know what and being told from now on you must have your Dr put your diagnosis on your scripts.

Now once again this month my diagnosis is on my scripts and now I am being told they can only fill a part of my script and I will loose the balance and they will not fill my break threw meds. What is their problem! I am being prescribed medication for a legitimate reason and should not have to go threw this every month! I pay alot of money for health insurance because of my medical problems only to have this headache every month just trying to fill my prescriptions!

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I have been going to Walgreens for 5 years. I fill 4 prescriptions and 1 pain medication.

Since Christmas Eve, I have not been able to fill my medicine. My original pharmacist was transferred to another city. I go between 2 Walgreens. One is a 24 hour and my neighborhood pharmacy would send me there when they couldn't fill my pain med.

well today, I was told by the 24 hour walgreens that since I used the other pharmacy, they would not fill my prescription. This is the same store that has told me to come back 3 times this past week. They finally have the medication but will not fill it. I don't understand their protocol.

The pharmacist said it changes all the time and she can't tell me why except that I filled in another Walgreens pharmacy. What do they expect us to do? Stay in withdrawals and pain until your main pharmacy gets the medicine in? This is unreal what Walgreens is doing to their patients.

I have been through the gfd for the past year and never had a problem in fact, the pharmacist today has filled for me several times. I don't understand what walgreens is doing to their patients. It's unethical and I hope and pray, someone will get a class action lawsuit. They kept me coming back for a week to tell me no when they got the medicine in!

I don't know how I'm going to work. I guess we all have to go on disability and let their tax dollars pay for us!


To the #10 comment. You must not be disabled or in very much pain.

My husband tried for 12 years to find a medicine or combination of medicines that would just make him not feeling like making himself paralized or killing himself. This medicine is the ONLY one that makes him feel like having a life. The other ones make him sleep 24/7. Please dont preach to people that you have NO IDEA WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT.

This is UNFAIR to do to legitimate sick people and SO WRONG. These people have already been wronged enough....


Walgreens has enjoyed THOUSANDS of my husbands medicare dollars and now they are treating him like some kind of piece of ***, wont fill the RX for his meds he has been taking and getting from there since 2003....They are NOT his DR but telling me what he SHOULD be taking...THAT puts him to sleep 24/7. WHAT, are disabled people now less than human?

Should we just make them feel like *** till they kill themselves? He has been in severe pain for TWELVE years now and can barely stand himself. This was done TO HIM. Besides losing our home and having to live in a tent, and not having any hopes for our future, now he can NOT even be comfortable?

This was the only med that helped him ever get out of bed.....oh wait though, he is disabled....he should just sleep all day, what good is he? who cares?

Shame on you walgreens. People are going to start suicides or they are going to walk in on you and go nuts...IM NOT SAYING WE WOULD EVER DO THIS....but I would NOT be surprised if someone didnt after they are completely HOPELESS.


Please if ur husband is on Medicare then they didn't make near as much. U really think Medicare pays full price?

Must be nice to think u should get ur way cause u spend the tax payers $. And don't tell me he paid for it when he was working because he paid for the last generations drugs.

Now this generation is paying for his which are more expensive then the last generations. While by the time this generation gets old enough for it to be their turn it will not be available, so u can give some other sucker ur Medicare $ for his pain meds I'm sure walgreens will survive without your monthly aggravation

@$1,000's ?

Your just an *** ya know alot people arnt as privlidges as you


Walgreens Pharmacists ARE NOT M.D.'S!!!I even had one of their pharmacists go so far as to call my Dr. office...they told her to mind her business and do her job!!! :(


She could have reported this doctor to the DEA. Pharmacists are required by law to question any script they feel is suspicious. Any doctor who tells them 'to do their job' should be blacklisted from that pharmacy and reported for possible fraud and for profit script writing.

I have never heard of a doctor telling a pharmacist such when being questioned about the validity of a script. But now that you mentioned it, I would love to see it happen to see what my pharmacist would do. He would lose his mind, and I bet we would never fill another script by that doctor.

One thing a doctor does not want to do is *** off a pharmacist in his practicing town, especially if he writes controls or narcotics. Pharmacists talk honey. They talk.


I wonder why walgreens stock is going way down


Is anyone ashamed of how ignorant and predatory they are anymore? I am leaning towards no.

I suppose most of the citizenry assumes that Pharmacy is just like Mcdonalds so they shall behave accordingly. In reality the pharmacists can be subject to litigation if an individual overdoses and dies as result of prescription drug intoxication even if that person was doctor shopping in order to fufill an addiction, or if an individual operates a vehicle under the influence of xanax runs over a child.

These scenarios have arisen, and often individuals will try to blame the pharmacy for their actions. If you don't like it take it up with your board of pharmacy.


I call ***, and work in and around the business


I understand that you are under strict guidelines, but there are also us the person who it was prescribed for. I have gotten nothing but harsh treatment from your pharmacy staff.

I have degenerative disk and it hurts most days to get out of bed. When I come into fill my prescription, I am hurting. I am sorry that it stresses you out, but I have just switched my pharmacy to keep from this happening. Sorry but that is the way it is.

I go and get shots in my back every few months and they are NOT cheap! Lose the attitudes!


I feel you're pain. Try getting hurt then trying to be new to their "system," what a crock.

Yeah nobody ever gets hurt and then needs pain medicine, that never happens....every single Walgreens I've gone to acts this way, and for your information "Walgreens" won't get in to trouble for a bogus script, only the pharmacist will. Get off your high horse and count the *** pills that my DOCTOR (a medical professional that you are not) wrote me for!!!


So I rec the usual scrip for oxy/anxiety/depression/spasm med and I am in az. Now my same usual dr wrote the same script as always, the insurance cleared it, but Walgreen refused to fill it bec they forgot to call the dr office to verify.

I ask is that a state law she said no, ask why if insurance says ok, dr note is ok and usual as always nothing odd she said she calls every pain office to verify and its her policy not even Walgreen lol. So I said I am ill and you want to withhold my meds bec I have a issue/sickness that I cannot get out of bed without meds a PHYSICAL ILLNESS....sooo frustrating....change to a new pharmacy lol?????


I'm glad you people think Doctors know everything about medicine when they go through less pharmacology than a pharmacist does 1 year compared to 8 depending on where you live is a big difference :cry me a river


Medical worker- "someone" didn't write it, a real life doctor, who has more training and right to be in charge of our medical care, than your belligerent, higher that thou attitude toting self does. The fact of the matter is, I pay my doctor to make decisions as to what medications they believe will benefit my health, not a bunch of chuckleheads who often work with high school kids who don't know *** from shine-ola with the training and competence of a highly motivated drive through worker at McDonald's.

You're not paid to provide your often poor judgements on people's health, if you were- you wouldn't be working behind a drive through window!

Especially considering you see a patient for how long? Maybe 15 minutes at most? ....! Oh, I get it.

You need those 15 minutes of fame so you can act like a real doctor for a second... Well'f that's the case, I've got a game of "Operation!" I can let you borrow, call me once school's out, or maybe you can come by and play it on senior skip day!

Bottom-line: you sell pills and inform patients of additional, uncommon side effects for doctors because they're too busy with more important things and you, Larry, and Curly need to respect patient care from the people we pay to get it from.

We pay you for pills and information regarding interactions and side effects, not your personal morals gathered from the limited value of observations you can make from someone's medical file. xoxo, I hope you make the cheer squad this year


This is one of the best cyber slaps in the face ever!! I'm glad you're here buddy, you made my night!


I wanna know why you didn't switch pharmacies. Maybe because they've pegged you as a junkie already?


I'm guessing the pain medication is roxicodone and i'm guessing you don't watch the news or read the newspaper about the pain clinic drug busts that are going on in Florida. Walgreens is looking out after themselves and don't want the feds coming after them as well.

If a pharmacist fills a script from one of the pain clinics then their license is in jeopardy. If your having a hard time getting the med have the doctor change it. For the person commenting about HIPAA i'm guessing you don't know much about it because you left off an A in HIPAA.

Here's some info, as long as the employees don't discuss the patient's info then it's not violating HIPPA. Some people really need some education in this country and patience.


The attitude displayed by 'medical worker' is the reason so many are suffering. Self righteous twits will do anything to make sure legitimate patients suffer because they 'don't believe' in opiate pain medications. Note that the idiots first response was to label you as a 'drug user.' That's how these vermin operate!


Walgreens has a tendency to take a 90 day script and lose it. It happens to be a controlled substance that is a legal RX from my doctor.

This has happened many times over the years! There is definetly something going on that I cannot explain. Then when pressured enough, the script just happpens to turn up.

However, then they say it is just a week refill??? I don't have to be a doctor to see that something is very, very strange going on here.