It's lunch and it's the only time I can run to the Walgreens to pick up my medication that I ordered the day before.

There was one pharmacist taking care of drive-in customers. No one else was around. And this one pharmacist kept telling everyone waiting at the counter to form one line only because he's very busy. There were 5 people waiting including myself. The lady in front of the line said she's been there 15 minutes already, while only the drive-ins are being taken care of. What's the point of forming a line if no one there to help us.

After 10 minutes, I gave up and left. The lady in front was on the *** of explosion. Cannot blame her. I know everybody's got to eat. But they have to know also that that's when customers have time to come in. And why is drive-in customers more important than the one waiting at the counter.

Going to transfer my prescription of the small local pharmacist as soon as possible.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Pharmacist.

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Danbury, Wisconsin, United States #792021

Today people are trained they shouldn't have to wait for more than 5 minutes.They want whatever they want whenever they want. I agree he should not have been just helping drive but you have to give the guy a break.

could you help 15 customers, take phone calls, answer questions, count pills for the 50 prescriptions you have to fill, take in scripts from the 3 doctors you have on hold all by yourself? There have been hours cut from a lot of pharmacies


Big deal, so she was waiting 15 minutes already and you gave up after 10. This is all it takes to get you 'pissed' Must have been blood pressure pills.

to Misty Brooklyn, New York, United States #761530

LOL good one, Misty! :grin


small local pharmacist are the best. I love my local pharmacy they will order anything that is needed if they don't have it and my insurance would pay either the same.

they fill while you wait and I never wait more then 5 minutes.

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