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I clipped crest 3D white strip coupon online. I goes to Walgreens to purchase it but it didn't take my $15 off strips.

The cashier read the online coupon from my phone and said well looks like you have the right one but let me call manager. The manager looks at coupon then me and her goes to shelf. Then she's tell me I don't have right one. Well it said Crest 3D white strips 12-42 pk I had 20 pk box then she said we going by the picture.

Really lady? I mean how am I to know you guys goes by the picture and not the description! Missing leading!!

Never again I'll be glad to shop at Walmart! I left all my items and went to another store but it wasn't Walgreens!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens 15 Dollar Off Coupon.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Wow. They must have been SO heartbroken to have lost your business.

To know they wouldn't be dealing with your entitled 'customer is always right' mentality.

I'm sure they got over it 5 seconds later. Buhbye.




Call corporate....employees do not know anything about the on-line coupons


What is the problem with the company store, and online?? The store does not have any supply when you want to buy more than one., and when can you use your points..


use your points when you want to....cashier is not your personal secretary