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Walgreens is new in my neighborhood, I thought I'd give them a try. Well, talk about molasses!

It's not necessarily only the clerks, it's the process. It takes so long to check out, if there are several customers in line, forget it. Not that everything in life has to be rushed but when you're used to shopping at different pharmacy, you notice the severely slow pace. Other clerks standing around need to open a register to get customers serviced quicker.

Another complaint I have is I needed an over the counter allergy med which you have to take a card to the pharmacy counter to get, the pharmacy didn't open until 10a, I was there at 8:30a with a god awful sinus headache, there was nothing anyone in the store could do for me.

Told me to come back. Well I didn't, I went to my old faithful, CVS.

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Only a pharmacist can get behind-the-counter medications. That's tied to legal reasons.

Having the Walgreens pharmacy open at 10am is a pretty common trend for non-24 hour stores around the country.

Not that it probably matters to you. You did the right thing by doing what was best for you.

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