Spring Grove, Illinois

I ordinarily would not complain, but this has happened MULTIPLE times. I drop off my prescription and when I go back to pick it up, they tell me they only have a few pills or they don't have any at all.

These are not rare medicines. I'm tired of having to go back multiple times for one prescription. Why can't they keep up with their stock? Their building is large and new, they shouldn't have a problem with room.

I have gotten these prescriptions here before.

They know I will be refilling them. I don't understand what the problem is.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Pills.

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how do you know they are not "rare" medications? It is hard to hard to keep "stock" as numbers change all the time.

Say a person comes in right before and gets 200 pills?

Wipes out entire inventory? Then you call after that guy and now they have none?


They do this because each time you have to go back they can charge you another fill fee.Most of you do not know this as it is tacked on to your drug costs,it is all about the money with walgreens.


Do you know how many people do not COME BACK IN for the remainder of the pills??? TONS!!!!!

Even Antiobiotics for children!!

They never return and WALGREENS MAKES THE MONEY on the entire prescription!!!!


Wrong! It is against the law to receive money from the insurance company for medicine the patient has not recieved.

Everyday....the pharmacy deletes completion fills and rxs that pts dont want or that pts dont pick up in a timely manner. Its a Delete list that prints every morning and is done every morning and If you do not pick up your medicine the rxs are reversed and Walgreens does not get paid.

Why do you think we call you a million times to tell you ..your rx is ready...we dont want to lose out on the money.


@ pharmer !! your are funny dude!!