Marion, Indiana

I love Walgreens. When my insurance dropped Walgreens, it was the worst day ever!

Once we got them back I switched right back to them, but now I have had nothing but problems with them. I was told that the reason my medication was being delayed was because it is out of stock. That is bad business if you ask me. I know at least 1 customer of theirs orders that every month.

I also have to sign up for auto-fill every month. Is nothing permanent in their computer system? This is not a out of the ordinary medication.

It is birth-control. Nothing special.

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I went into Walgreens to change my script for high blood pressure. I also have another script there .They would not let me get my other script till the next day..strange i thought since this was not a controlled med why should I have to get another ride to the store the next day.Any how that is what I did and when I picked up my script it was the old blood pressure med and not the other one I was supposed to get.Now if I would have trusted them and not used to be a pharm tech I might have not noticed they gave me 2 blood pressure meds and I might have taken them both and died.It blows my mind how they enterd the wrong med in their computer and did not catch mixing those 2 meds can cause death.They changed it back after I pointed out the mistake to them and they did not even say sorry.When I worked in a pharmacy I never ever made a mistake..their are to many rules of how you do things to prevent that.If I was a trusting old person I just might have mixed those meds and be dead.I can not trust walgreens in south milwaukee wisconsin any more as they are not following common rules set in place for filling meds.And this is how mistakes happen.


The pharmacy staff at Wallgreen's have been consistantly reckless with my pharmaceuticals. Placed other people's prescriptions in my bag, screwed up on dosages, not given council on the prescription, Rude and totally unprofessional.

YOUR DONE! I'm driving down the road to your competition, gonna fill them in on your dangerous errors and filing a report with:

- Walgreen's Corp


- CA Board of Pharmacy

- Not to mention rip you a new one online!!!!! If to save just one elderly customer in town!

Walgreen's Beaumont, Ca. 1400 Beaumont Ave.

Beaumont, Ca. 92223 Store Manager: "Jake"


You ignorant, ignorant fool. As a pharmacist, it is always so funny to see complaints such as these.

Medications are out of stock at times. You are nothing special, you aren't the only person that is taking said medication. "Its just birth control, nothing special" well sometimes "just birth controls" are not available to order, and there are other women who take these. Birth control tends to be expensive to order depending on the particular type it is, and usually only come in boxes of just a few packs.

Learn how to call your *** in early enough to make sure they have it.


you could your medication early to make sure they have it in early. it is not as simple as "at least one person per month" Perhaps it is a very expensive medication, should they just order it for you in hopes you pick it?


wallgreens sucks and your insurance company AND ALL INSURANCE companies shouls stop paying these GOD complex phamraciets!! RUN I am sure you have a CVS acrossed the street they seem to pop up because they can survive from the LACK OF CUSTOMER CARE at walgreens