I requested refill of a generic version of Lipitor and did not have drug coverage with my insurance. For a 3 month supply of 90 pills I was told to pay $400.

I had previously paid $45 when I had the coverage. On complaining how the price could be ten times higher, I was told that I could become Walgreens' savings member and save $200. I declined to pay this outrageous amount and went to a small neighborhood pharmacy where I paid only $35 for a supply of 100 pills of exactly the same medication. How outrageous!

I am sure many seniors and sick without any drug coverage fall victim to this corporate greed. If a small pharmacy can make profit by selling the drug for $35, imagine the uncontrolled profiteering by Walgreens. Where is consumer protection?

I will never go back to Walgreens. Thank God for the mom and pop pharmacies.

  • Outrageous generic drug prices
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If you have insurance it does not matter you will pay the same thing at all pharmacies. so here is the kicker if you have no insurance you BETTER SHOP AROUND.

call it is the easiest way to do it.

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Welcome to capitalism where retailers can charge whatever they like though you are welcome to take your business elsewhere.

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