Saint Charles, Missouri
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I worked for Walgreens for 11 years but got injured and had to quit. When I started there it was stocked with employees and assistants.

Slowly one by one they started laying off employees until we were down to just one person for each station, register 1, photo 1, cosmetic 1, but a pharmacist and assistant in the pharmacy . Busy, very there was just too much to do and so little to help.

If we had the manpower we started with there was no problem, so don't yell at the employees, yell at corporate. They created this time bomb, now it's crashed.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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A common scenario at most businesses now. That's the bad side of the sorry economic state we are in.

The good side is that all you have to do is find another job.

As long as you have a marketable skill, this is never a problem, no matter how bad the business climate is. You should never be afraid to pack up and leave when you dislike working somewhere.

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