Mission, Kansas

I went to pick up my prescription and two months ago I paid $28.00 for it . Today when I went to pickup my prescription they charged me $60,89 which is over 100% raise. I want to know it can go up that much in two months. .I spend over $1000,00 a year for prescriptions. I also spend a lot of money for miscellaneous items all the time. There is no way I should be charged over 100% raise for a prescription that I have filled four times. If you want to keep my business I should get a refund of the difference.

Geri Chick

9712 Plymouth Lane

Raytown, Mo. 64133

Phone 816-358-5058

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You should check with your insurance company, as they are the ones who set the price for you, not the pharmacy. It amazes me to see people get so disgruntled with the pharmacist over this issue, no matter how many times we explain that the insurance tells us what to charge, we dont just pick a price out of thin air.


If you copay went up from dec 2011 to feb 2012 then you need to talk to your insurance company.


You didn't even put the name of the company down in your complaint. Also; I doubt very much that YOU pay for your prescriptions. Something tells me the taxpayer pays for your fix.