Magna, Utah
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After not being able to develop some film rolls (because it was too expensive for me) I went back to my favorite Walgreen's in Sugar House, Salt Lake City, UT (because the workers there are very friendly!) only to find it now takes a week (in my case 2 weeks) because they got rid of their labs. That was disappointing compared to the one hour photo experience I used to get but I thought whatever I'll just have to wait longer and maybe it will be cheaper because of how long it takes.

I was wrong. After not receiving a call during the second week of waiting I decided to go down and check today. They had 2/3 rolls done and each were about $12 ($2-$3 more than I used to pay) All together it came out to $25 out of the $67 I had in my account. Once I opened up the photo packets I found that the quality was terrible!

I mean, I expect grain on my film photos but there's much more than the older photos I took on the same camera and the colors are weird and off plus I did not get my negatives back and I always save my negatives...

I am very disappointed. I wish I could cancel the third roll being processed because I honestly don't want it at this point and by the time it arrives I probably won't be able to pay for it...

Monetary Loss: $25.

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