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Walgreens has taken it upon themselves to arbitrarily over-ride my doctor's written prescriptions. The result is that I can no longer fill my pain prescriptions for TERMINAL pancreatic cancer at this so called "24 hour" "pharmacy" and if I am in pain late at night must wait seemingly endless hours until morning when my local Mom and Pop pharmacy opens to seek relief for the pain from my struggle with TERMINAL pancreatic cancer.

It is not their Business what medication I am prescribed or how much other than to fill the legitimate prescription. Their ONLY business is to fill the Doctor's legitimate prescriptions. I will not so much as buy a soda from this miserable establishment for the rest of my short life and none of my family members, friends or co-workers will have anything to do with this "business" either. As a patient suffering from this terrible cancer , I have many friends in the medical industry and they are all out to shut this business down for unethical practices.

Doctors do not like being second guessed by pharmacists who have had no opportunity to diagnose the patients whom they randomly decide to deny medicine.

Perhaps they should change their business to convenience store to avoid a lawsuit for False - Advertising. Also they will have many opportunities to deny beer to minors and thus can satisfy their craving for arbitrary power at low wages.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Pharmacist.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

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I am sorry that your pharmacist is trying not to kill you. But if you want to die early move to state that allows assisted suicide.

The pharmacist is checking to make sure that the dose is correct and that you are not being overdosed. If you die because of being overdosed it is the pharmacist fault first.

Think of that before you go off on not getting your pain med filled.


I know who you are ladyscott.Naples gives it away.The man is dying for christs sake have some commpassion.I know people who died from this and it is very bad.The pharmacist should just shut his mouth and do his job counting pills.The pharmacist is not a doctor or a god.What you dont get is that this man is dying.If pharmacists keep this up there will be more suicides.How well do you sleep at night knowing you haved cause people to suffer when in this day and age it is unnessicary? your heart must be made of stone.


Unfortunately the DEA and FDLE have made it very difficult for the pharmacist when it comes to filling pain medications. They will not tell the pharmacist not to fill them but come down on stores that fill a large number of pain prescriptions.

You are grouped in with all of the drug seekers whether your pain is legitimate or not. You best course of action is through your politicians not your pharmacists. I wish you the best of luck and I understand your frustration.

My mother passed away from pancreatic cancer so I'm very sensitive to your difficult predicament. I know that this doesn't solve your problem but they have made the pharmacists feel like criminals.


If you don't like being in pain in the night, why don't you tend to getting your prescription filled during the daytime? Problem solved.


I have a better idea Anonymous ***- how about you get a dose of the kind of pain I suffer daily and we will see if you can make it for more than an hour before you are on your knees begging for Mommy.You really don't have anything better to do than troll peoples consumer complaints? At least I had a legitimate complaint. I will have lived more life in my remaining three years than you have apparently even possessed if this is how you spend your time.


I agree this person goes through the complaints and negatively leave remarks to whatever situation, and is very rude I might add. This person has no life to sift through complaints probably on every website you can imagine, :eek , that's *** please get l@@@@