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I am 14wks pregnant and have struggled terribly with morning (all day) sickness. My Dr wrote me an Rx to get filled at the Walgreens Pharmacy located on 2050 E Osceola Pkwy in Kissimmee Florida.

I dropped off my Rx and my insurance information to a girl and was asked to return in 1hr. I returned 1.5hrs later and gave my name. The guy said "theres no recipient" and i didnt exist in their database. I asked him to please speak to the girl i gave my info to.

He did, then he said that i had no insurance and they couldnt fill my Rx. I already gave them all of my info and asked why they couldnt call me instead of me having to put my 1 yr old daughter who had the flu, in my car and drive to there. I was upset that they didnt call me and ATLEAST say "im sorry ma'am, your insurance didnt cover your Rx, we can fill it but you will have to pay out of pocket". I wasnt even given that option when i returned.

I wouldve been fine with paying out of pocket with the way that ive been feeling! i finally realized that he NOR anyone else in that pharmacy wanted to help me out at all, I was so upset that i just gave up and asked him to send my Rx and insurance info back. He then only gave me my Rx back. I asked AGAIN to give me back my insurance info.

He responded "we shredded it". At that point i was overly-PISSED! I told him that i gave them my Rx and insurance info to hold so that they could fill it and i want my information back. He responded "is there anything else that your want us to hold for you?".

I have never been disrespected like that and have never dealt with someone that had absolutely NO PASSION to help me and on top of it, being sarcastic about it. I am making it a point that NONE of my family or friends ever go to this pharmacy ever again.

I WILL spread the word about this pharmacy about how careless and disrespectful they are. Word of mouth is the best advertisement.

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actually, it was a CARD that they shredded which they asked me to leave them with, and if u wouldve read correctly, i already discussed the "pay out of pocket issue". dont get ahead of urself buddy.

it probably is a walgreens employee haha, sad...


obviously comment #1 was written by a walgreens employee. Walgreens is the worst!


It's not the pharmacy's responsibility to hold your hand and call you anytime YOUR insurance doesn't go through. You could have asked to pay cash you know.

And if you only have your insurance information written on a piece of scrap paper, you shouldn't leave that with anyone. Your random pieces of paper are your responsibility.