Hamilton Township, New Jersey
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I ask the guy if my photo will be kept in their system. He said no.

Right!! When he turn on the screen he asked my name and telephone number. I said no. He said the system won't let me in.

He finally put a fake number. The photos were awful. NO wonder he gets customers back because the passport wont accept the photos. I saw all the photos they are collecting with names.

They are making a huge data base of customers that go there to take passport photos. He lied!!! I feel this is a privacy issue. Customers have no idea!

How convenient that a corporation like Walgreen have a department for passport photos. I don't want my photo and name in Walgreen huge data base collection!!

Just take the photo. Don't keep a copy for yourself, Walgreen!!!

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Just to clarify, the photos that are on the screen come from a memory card in a camera. Like the type you would use at home.

As for the actually walgreens photo system, the photos are held for two to the days so that if there are any issues with the photos they can be reprinted for you without needing to go through the process of reordering them or retaking a passport photo. Your name and phone number go into the system so that they can know who the photos are for when they are picked up. Without that information they would have a humble of photo orders that they wouldn't know who they belonged to. Your gross paranoia is worrisome.

The employees are just following the proper procedures, policies, and training. Give them a break.




No. Very observant.

I can use the photos either. They are done wrong. The requirements on the passport website and their examples showed me so.

I know about security and Identity theft. Learn a lot about it when I helped 3 family members and 4 friends because they trusted a tons of corporations.

You might be surprise how many stuff about themselves people give away without thinking.

We are trained to be polite and trust colleges, doctors with our SS. Which be the way they don't truly need. I have read laws and regulations.

Like this guy that is into security told me once. Let me take a picture of your drivers license and I will make your life a living ***.