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I was just in a Walgreens tonight. The clerk told me that as of Oct 16 2018 EVERYONE purchasing cigarettes will have their personal id scanned - she said it was to cut down on adults purchasing cigarettes for minors.

What a bunch of crap. What garbage to suspect me of committing an illegal act just because I purchase a pack of cigarettes. Stores are not allowed to ask for id when using a credit card.

Why can they demand personal information when purchasing ANY product with or without a credit card? Shame on them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I think that Walgreens should stop selling cigarettes, the same way that their competitor CVS has done. That way Walgreens can stop the loss of all of the business of the p.i.s.s.e.d.

off customers who are vowing never to shop there again. And they should stop selling booze as well, because they card the elderly for that as well.


I agree with the other comment... I’m not sure but I think it’s a volition or my civil rights as a consumer, I don’t think that they can throw a net over everyone that’s old enough to smoke and that is my choice and right ...if I so choose. Can you say class action lawsuit...Walgreens does not have the right to make me produce an ID of any kind if I’m over 21 ....


It’s not a violation of your rights. Stop being ignorant and making a poor cashiers life miserable because you are addicted to something that requires an Id.


What does the corporation do with that information?? They have no right to know where I live or what my religious preferences are.

They no right to know my height and eye color. Do they really need to know if I’m a organ donor? If all BS and and intrusion into my life. If you want to verify my age, look at the license.

They have no constitutional right to scan it. But corporations have all the money, all the lawyers, all the lobbyist to influence lawmakers.

This is a sign of more intrusive things to come for our society. It’s not paranoia it’s having your eyes open and seeing what’s going down....




Too late. Walgreens scans everyone’s license plates when you park. From there they can track you and call the cops.


The private entity may not withhold the provision of goods or services solely as a result of the individual requesting the collection of the data in subsection (6) from the individual through manual means.” http://www.leg.state.fl.us/Statutes/index.cfm?App_mode=Display_Statute&Search_String=&URL=0300-0399/0322/Sections/0322.143.html


I am happy to be part of a class action suit against scanning my drivers license to purchase alcohol. I am 63 years old and don’t want my identity stolen.

Target and grocery stores tried this and have stopped. Please contact me at+16363995203


I’m so pissed.... I was refused cigarettes at Walgreens because my license was expired...

I’ve got a valid or should I say I had one.... left at , ironically smoke shop a couple days ago and it appears that I left on the counter and forgot it... hasn’t shown up yet...

but to my point, I believe that my civil rights were violated ... is there any legal recourse ...


If your license was expired you should be fined and not allowed to drive stop blaming Walgreens because you’re irresponsible and want to fuel your addiction. Enjoy your life instead of smoking a pack a day.


I was at the Walgreens in Homosassa Florida and I was trying to purchase some cigarettes for my 82 year old mother. I was telling you about this young girl behind the counter that I had to scan my license because it was company policy.

I told her that that was actually an illegal act in the State of Florida company policy cannot Trump state law so the manager was called over and I told her the same thing they told me and I quote that if they did not follow the state law by just looking at the front of your license and getting your birthdate off of that which isn't which is legal they will be fired because Walgreen is now forcing their employees to follow an illegal act disguised as a company policy their excuse was that according to their manager some guy named Phil you know from the company may head up company they say that Walgreens does not sell out or Miss use any personal information they get from scanning your licenses. I'll make it clear to you they have no system in place to guarantee that any extra information off your license such as your bank account the amount of money in your bank accounts or credit cards your address basically all your friends are color and license off your car you know excetera excetera anything that didn't get off your license is now stored in their Mainframe and they say that they don't protect it. That's *** By state law I can refuse to allow them to scan my license with and that's a fact but also by state law if I'm purchasing cigarettes or alcohol all they have to do is look at the front of the license to get the age off the license because that is a state or document my license of speaking of. But well Walgreens wants to violate my rights by forcing me to violate state law and regulations on the use of a state document known as my driver's license.

I will be sending a complaint to the district head and informing them that I will no longer purchase anything and Walgreens I am moving my complete medical history my prescription service and everything over to CVS or Walmart. Because those companies in the State of Florida follow the law and they actually care about their customers privacy.


I agree with you. Scammers could *** into the Walgreens computer system and use the information to make fake copies of the customers license. They should just be able to look at the date of birth.


Florida is a dumb *** state full of inbreds who have nothing better to do than post on this website. No one is trying to steal your *** information.

If you think you’re intelligent and spewing all this info to scare old people to being scared to give an ID maybe educate yourself on why Walgreens does this.

If you really want to be pissed off Walgreens won’t be selling tobacco to anyone under 21 starting in September!! I’m so happy they are taking an initiative to rid smoking since it’s such a horrid addiction :)


My Walgreens recently started doing this. If you don’t allow them to scan your license they refuse to sell you tobacco or alcohol.

This *** me of.... So I did some research 1.

They’re supposed to request consent prior to scanning (they never do) 2. At least in FL it is ILLEGAL to refuse good or services if a customer refuses to consent to their license being scanned


We need to do a class action suit against Walgreens. They are invading our privacy!

It's like nazi Germany. I am personally telling everyone I know not to use this any of their stores.

Shame on you!!! I'm done with you for all products including pharmacy!


You’re a trump supporter aren’t you. Get over yourself.

You’ll never accomplish anything other than making the world a worse place. How dare you ever compare something so horrid as nazi Germany to Walgreens carding for tobacco and alcohol.


two weeks after they scanned my ID , i received chantix coupons in my mail box. i bet money the insurance companies are also getting my information. selling our personal information to third parties is really screwed up , no longer buying anything at walgreens.




You *** They already had your address in their system. They have it in the pharmacy and on your balance rewards card.


Hahaha yes!