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I was just in a Walgreens tonight. The clerk told me that as of Oct 16 2018 EVERYONE purchasing cigarettes will have their personal id scanned - she said it was to cut down on adults purchasing cigarettes for minors.

What a bunch of crap. What garbage to suspect me of committing an illegal act just because I purchase a pack of cigarettes. Stores are not allowed to ask for id when using a credit card.

Why can they demand personal information when purchasing ANY product with or without a credit card? Shame on them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Screw Walgreen. Not getting my ID for communistic purposes.


Feds will use info gained by ID for their own purposes to know who smokes and who doesn’t. Also health insurance companies will use info to assess your costs for policy as a smoker.

Hope this post last longer than the one i posted 5 minutes ago, which shows i hit the nail on the head. They beleive all American’s are dim witted!!!!

@Bob W

You spelled believe wrong. You dim witted American.


Handy info for feds wishing to know who smokes and who doesn’t , and health insurance will eventually be priced knowing who smokes .

@Bob Wilson

Or policies could be denied, the point I made as well. No thanks Walgreens..

@Bob Wilson

Uhh no. Just Walgreens not wanting to get shut down for selling to minors.

I’ve seen some pretty old looking 17 year olds. Hopefully smoking catches up with you sooner than later.


Jenny Craig called. They cannot help you out for being to fat or to skinny!


Wow. So much hate and arrogance.

You're really going to body shame someone! That's so rude and arrogant of you.


And i am pretty sure no customer or no employee or manager would does not like you for your outcome when it comes to body shaming others!


Get lost. Your attitude is clearly not helping you by being judgemental!


One time I bought a package of cigarettes from Walgreens, and before I left the door I changed my mind and asked for my money back. The lady called the manager who said that they had a policy of not refunding or exchanging cigarettes once they have left the store, but since I never even left the store with them that I could get my money back.

Why did I want a refund? Well, after I paid for them I felt extreme shame for backsliding and going back to such a nasty habit.

I was so grateful that I got my money back. I am glad that they have added so much taxes to cigarettes that I cain't afford to buy them no mo.


Just leave others alone. And you worry about you and your life! Nobody needs your rude and arrogant comments!


I didnt know once you hit a certain age the rules dont apply to you huh I'll be sure to let people know that.


This is such bull,it should be illegal to scan my license. I don't care if they verify age.someone nerds to challenge this.


I agree, I think, something bigger is brewing, who can or will they share that info with, insurance companies, etc? and not just checking but scanning, to much of our privacy is put out there, not good


This is interesting because I was a victim of a burglary last month and within 1/2 hour the thief used 5 credit cards belonging to my husband and I. First in Publix and then Walgreens in Pompano.

The thief has two women accomplices and they were in Walgreens for over 40 minutes, some credit cards did not go through and some did. They were purchasing gift cards and the thief also came back and bought cigarettes and gift cards. While to police did recognize this career criminal immediately and he was matched to a home camera at the scene he was arrested. However, they did not identify the women, yet.

But when I asked if the Walgreens cashier was "in on it." He said, no. Walgreens had recently been in hot water over asking a shopper for ID when using a credit card and it was blamed on "race." So Walgreens policy is NEVER to ask for ID when using a credit card.

ugh. Sure they also had our licenses but they did not look like us, so maybe they wouldn't have gotten away with over $1,000 in gift cards.


I buy ciggarettes for my husband. 62 yrs old.

I have to show ID? Why do illegals not have to show ID to vote in the USA? But at 62 yrs old I have 2 show ID a Walgreens for ciggarettes?

Absurd. Flirida law is 27 & under.


There should be a way to fight back and stop Walgreens from doing that. Im 47 years old and i get mad any time they ask me for id.

Some time a just say im illegal. But the last time they told me that cigarettes will not be sold without an id.


This is unfair and NOT walgreens right to try to regulate street crime (adults giving to minors). They are not law enforcement and in fact, do not realize they are breaking a law.

The law says to card if you look under 40. Tell them next time they are age discriminating since you are clearly over 40.


Walgreens has a right to ask for proof of your age, there are other acceptable forms of ID.