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I was just in a Walgreens tonight. The clerk told me that as of Oct 16 2018 EVERYONE purchasing cigarettes will have their personal id scanned - she said it was to cut down on adults purchasing cigarettes for minors.

What a bunch of crap. What garbage to suspect me of committing an illegal act just because I purchase a pack of cigarettes. Stores are not allowed to ask for id when using a credit card.

Why can they demand personal information when purchasing ANY product with or without a credit card? Shame on them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I guess three illegal aliens or liberals didnt like your comment.


They are scanning the IDs to create a database of smokers and will likely rat you out to health and life insurance companies. I am completely done with Walgreens, this year I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes and have to inject insulin every day.

I had a prescription for a mild sleeping tablet I filled at Walgreen for years no one ever ID checked me. They knew me. It would be like my sister asking for ID to see who I am, its STUPID. Now I have to buy needles for my insulin and attempted to make me show ID then sign some log book of people who bought needles.

Wait a minute my ID doesn't say diabetic on it what exactly are you checking and what are you doing with that list of names of people who purchased needles ? That is my health information where does it go ? The best they could do is LIE and tell me its state law but its not my diabetes education class she told us don't allow the system make us jump through hoops to stay alive. I also learned needles are over the counter and so are many types of insulin because they know diabetics would be showing up at the ER too often if missing a doctors appointment means ketoacidosis and death in a week.

T Diabetes medication, insulin, should NEVER require an Rx. Walgreens LIES and tells me its all state law what they do. I called the main office about it, what do they do with the list of people who by needles and they tell me its corporate policy not to tell customers corporate policy. But anyway whats going on is they are compiling a list of smokers to rat you out to health and life insurance companies and who knows what other statistics they can figure out by compiling a list of smokers.

I was in stupid Walgreens on Thanksgiving for the first time since the pharmacy bull ONLY because everything else was closed and they asked a 60 year old man in front of me for ID for smokes.

I lost it, WTF that dude is not under 18 he is at least 60 this place is stupid and walked out. "Show me your papers" - The Walgreens Gestapo


I personally had this problem to! I DO NOT smoke, however my 78 year old mother does and she cannot buy cigarettes with an ID.

I was told by the clerk "it's a law now" UGH Its not, I purchase cigarettes anywhere else for my mother with our an ID required. It's a Walgreens law. So I just don't go there anymore to purchase cigarettes.

I'm 53 years old and this is just stupid and I don't feel like showing an ID to make this purchase. Furthermore, what ones choice is to smoke or not it's theirs and nobody's business to opinion-ate on.




You believe what government / corporations dictates? No problem with your ignorant comment, but don’t be surprised when government goes after ugly people, then you’ll know what it’s like to have your rights violated. Mind your own damn business!


Since you are That pissed to post a complaint on pissedconsumer.com, send their Corporate Headquarters a complaint letter explaining your complaint. The clerk just gave you information.

Their Corporate Headquarters is responsible for coming up with this policy. So complain to them instead.


Don't tell others what to do. It's makes you look ugly inside and out. I am going to guess you already are!


Well, it's a bad habit and you should probably anyway. Although, there are some who would smoke no matter how much they would cost.

They could raise the cost of cigarettes to $20 a pack and some poor people would panhandle to get the money to buy them if they had to. I used to smoke, but couldn't afford to keep handing them out to everyone who kept bumming them from me. So I quit and can now say "I Don't Smoke!

It's A Bad Habit" whenever someone asks me if I got a cigarette. Couldn't afford to keep giving them out, just like I can't afford to give a quarter to anyone who would walk up to me asking for one.


Not the point. The point it its an invasion of privacy.


The now check and scan everyone’s ID for cigarettes. I was in Walgreens on Thanksgiving ONLY because everything else close by was closed.

I quit shopping there a wile ago over a different issue. I am in line and a 60 year old man is buying cigarettes and they ask for government issued identification, the typical “show me your papers” routine. That was too much for me, I said this place is stupid and walked out left my stuff on the counter. Why would they be scanning the ID of everyone who buys Cigarettes when even the stupidest person can tell a 60 year old man is not under 18.

I was told years ago by a friend who worked there never to use their unrewarding “rewards card” tracking, don’t put in your phone number when buying cigarettes cause Walgreen puts you on the smokers list and rats you out to health and life insurance companies. That’s why they are compiling a list of smokers scanning the identification of 60 year old men into the Walgreen computers.

I am sure they are tracking other stuff selling the smokers list along with other heath information to researchers, Walgreens is typical dirt bag corporate one of the worst. I don’t know why anyone shops that place.


Thanks for the heads up. I'll make sure not to buy cigarettes from Walgreens.

I'll spend my "Crazy Cash" at a store that respects me. I'm Old Enough To Know Better and any fool can see that I'm old enough to be doing whatever I Gosh Darn please.