Kuna, Idaho
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Have a chronic medical condition that is managed by medications. Dr's office has provided drug manufacturer prescription discount cards to be used to reduce the cost of my prescriptions.

The Walgreens in my town, and the one just another 8 miles away have never been able to get my prescriptions filled right as they do not have the competency to process the prescription especially with the discount prescription cards. These discount cards significantly discount the prescription price. Every time I go to pick up them, they always charge me full price for the prescription, can't get the discount card to process and always have a lame excuse as to why the discount card didn't work. I have had to leave my prescriptions behind for several additional days, personally contact the discount carrier to confirm that there are no problems processing the prescription, card is not expired, drugs remain available etc.

Each time there is not difficulty with the card. This is "every time" something has mentally and physically challenged them.

The fact that over time they have made no effort to identify their ineffective service has failed consistently. I am pulling my prescriptions from Walgreens and going any where far far away from Walgreens

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Prescription Refill.

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It might be hard to believe, but Walgreens doesn't have a contract with the THOUSANDS of PBM's, HMO's, and discount cards. The discount card is billed to a third party processor. Not every company on the face of earth chooses to do business with Walgreens.