Westfield, Indiana

When I drove up beside the building to park there were cigarette butts all along the curbhundreds. Since one of the employees there reeks of smoke, I would assume that is mostly who is throwing their butts there.

I ask the checkout girl who was responsible for cleaning up outside and she said it's the employees job. The Pharmisist there is very accomodating, a nice young man. I find the cigarette butts disgusting!!

The employees there do not seem to be so busy that they could not clean up outside. I would say it's the managers job to see this happens.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Manager.

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Really? You instantly blame it on the employees?

You do realize that most of the employees are minimum wage or *** near minimum wage. They clean up enough after customers that have no common courtesy, whether it be cleaning up the bathrooms after someone smears *** all over the walls and etc. Maybe pull your head out of your rear and consider the fact that it could the customers throwing their cig.

butts on the ground.

Thank :zzz


Call the corporate office with your complaint. I agree customers, especially children should not have to walk through a cloud of carcinogens from cigarette smoke.

LadyScot sucks on discarded cigarettes! Beware, walgreens hires ignorant low class people like LadyScot that like to use the heroin addict nikki sixx image as their avatar because it best represents her drug induced blabber.


Oh for crying out loud, are you the smoking police now?


I got an idea, if it bothers u so much bend your but over and pick them up


I believe you but find it strange that the regular employees are responsible for curbside cleanup. That would make sense if the Walgreens were located within a dept store or chain store?

Anyway, you need to take your complaint directly to Walgreens management and customer service:


You will notice on the middle left in blue, STORE SERVICE, then below it: Store Management and Store Employees. Click on both and complain. If you have a cellphone camera, take photos and plenty of them. There's nothing like proof to shake up management. While you're at it, why not click on corporate and district management operations as well.

Good luck, hope this helps.


Cigarette buts is what you are complaining about? I am sure the employee is not the only one that smokes in your town. This is ***, do you expect someone wondering around parking lot all day or ringing you up.