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I went into a fort myer,fl walgreens to have my prescriptions filled. The pharmacist took a look at the prescriptions, looked at me and told the pharmacy tech to tell me these cant be filled because he was not filling prescriptions for an out of city(sarasota) doctor.

I informed the pharmacy tech that these scripts have been filled with them always by the same doctor and that i live in fort myers. He refused to look in the system or have her look in the system and just dismissed me. I called the complaint line also and did not receive a call back until my third time calling(10 days later) and got this snotty rep named Nick who told me the pharmacist has all rights to refuse to fill any script for any reason. This is BS and Walgreens will never see any of my business again!

If anyone knows of a class action suit for discrimination filed against them, please advise me. I want further action taken.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Pharmacist.

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Sometimes lady scott you have to go to a doctor that your insurance picks it is not up to you.If walgreens had held on to their scrips for 7 years as the law states they would not be in this mess.Walgreens fail


The law allows the refusal of any script for any reason. If you live in Fort Myers then you should be using a Fort Myers doctor for your controlled substances. Out of state scripts for controls are a risk and every pharmacist chooses his or her level of risk.


unfortunately for you...if your dr was in another city...with drug enforcement agency constraints the pharmacist is legally within rights to deny filling the presciptions as they are controlled substances and it doesnt matter if you have filled them in the past...if you have problems with that contact your local drug enforcement agency as they are controlling every aspect of what a pharmacist can legally do these days.. if the pharmacist doesnt comply then their job is in jeopardy..dont always assume it is the pharmacists fault..they are not punching bags for society/.....


It is true....The law states that a pharmacist does have the right to refuse to fill a prescription for any reason.


Did the prescriptions happen to be for narcotics?


one was valium and the other testosterone.Which ive had filled there before from same doctor . Nothing changed in strengths or amount.

I just dont understand why he wouldnt even look in computer to see this. He just looked at my face from where he was and told the pharmacy tech to tell me NO. That is discrimination. What else did he possibly have to go on?

And if this is "the law" for anyone, to look at someone and not want to serve you, for anything, then once again this country is in big trouble.

I would totally understand if he had looked in the system and said "something valid" which there wouldnt be, but he looked at my face and said NO. I have contacted a few legal representatives who have heard of this practice at Walgreens and im hoping for some action to be taken.


Why did he not fill it? Did he look at the prescription at all?

Maybe it wasn't your face maybe it was he saw the dr that wrote it and its a shady dr so he said he won't fill it. Maybe he won't fill anything from that dr.