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My son went to pick up his medication after working second shift. Pharmacist (main st Walgreens) questioned him regarding pickup and why his doctor was out of state and threatened to consult with other pharmacists over his choice of doctors.

My son has been going there for two years and this pharmacist has been rude numerous times. This time he almost made him come back the next morning to fill his prescription even though the date was current. I can tell you that I'll tell all my friends in PA that Walgreens is not so "family" oriented as they profess on their commercials.

Pharmacists are not police and should not treat customers as criminals. They should MIND THEIR BUSINESS AND MAKE SURE THEY PRESCRIBE THE CORRECT NUMBER OF PILLS AND THE CORRECT MEDICATIONS.

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Madison, Wisconsin, United States #785501

They don't prescribe pills, they dispense them. Secondly, a pharmacist has a PROFESSIONAL obligation to question prescriptions that are unusual or out of their ordinary scope of practice.

This is for safety and yes, some people do "doctor shop". If they DIDN'T question this prescription and this person was taking too much of a certain medication and DIED then the pharmacist can be professionally held accountable!

I assume this medication was a controlled substance based on your account of the situation, and telling your son that he needed to talk to other pharmacists isn't a "threat", but it is what the pharmacist has to do as a PROFESSIONAL and because it's Walgreen's policy for "good faith dispensing" to make sure that controlled substances are dispensed safely. If you don't like their policies put in place to protect patients, you can take your RX to another pharmacy with looser guidelines.


agree 100% with you. Find a local Pharmacy that treats you and your son better. First name basis is always good then when you need stuff it is like having AN OLD FREIND!!

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