Mamaroneck, New York

I am a physician and was on call last weekend and was calling in an emergency supply of meds for a patient. I kept being connected to different pharamacy techs who would either disconnect me or place me on hold for up to 37 minutes!!!

And then a tech finally came back to say they still couldn't get the pharmacist and none of the techs said they were even able to take a message when I asked them to and to have the pharmacist call me back and in the end after hours, I just left a message on a voicemail that they connected me to and I never heard back from the pharmacist.

I told the patient to find another pharmacy. This is malpractice and unacceptable!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Pharmacist.

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Talk about malpractice, how about the number of times that pharmacists save patients because doctors have written medications that have fatal interactions with each other for one patient? Not to mention the hundreds of pill mill oxycontin scripts that pharmacists turn away when the doctors should have never written them in the first place.


gotta love the ego you have. the pharmacist are saving the world!1111111 what other wonderful stuff do the PILL COUNTERS DO!!!!!!!!!!!!


I agree with the person below, use the voicemail. Unlike doctors offices, technicians and pharmacists are not merely sitting at desks.

Corporate under staffs pharmacies and there is usually only one pharmacist on duty at a time. This one pharmacist is in charge of making recommendations for patients, giving vaccinations, checking prescriptions, doing consults, AND taking in transfers and new prescriptions. On top of all this, they have to deal with the countless e-script errors that both doctors and nurses make EVERYDAY.

All this being said, they are not out to get you, they just can't possibly tend to everyone at once.


If all you needed to do was call in a prescription then why not just use the voicemail? That is what it's there for.

37 minutes is a long time to be on hold but it's just as hard for pharmacists to get a hold of prescribers when they need to talk to them. Not to mention how long it takes some doctors offices to complete a prior authorization. You want to talk about malpractice?

How about taking 2 weeks to fax a form to a patient's insurance so they will cover a med that they prescribed. Ridiculous.


you go DOC. these franchise's pharmacys are terrible.

they could care less about any of the patients lets face it THIS phamracist will get paid by WALGREENS if he takes your call or not. No loss to him an independent phamracy that doesnt answer the phone will go OUT OF BUSINESS$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$