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I recently visited this Walgreens location at the intersection of John Young Pkwy and the 192 to fill a prescription. The pharmacist demanded to know what the Rx was for, and asked numerous questions about the specific condition that was not any of his concern. He called my doctor and asked them for my medical records which is not a known or acceptable practice and he was extremely rude to the doctor's staff. My Dr reluctantly gave him the documents he demanded as I was in unbearable pain and needed my Rx. I went to the pharmacy where Edgardo Dias, the pharmacist on a power trip or has a God complex, decided in his medical opinion that he was not going to fill my Dr's Rx for my post surgical medication. Where did he get his MD?

I will never patronize this or any Walgreens again.

In a world where pharmacies are across the street from one another, you would think customer service and a desire to take care to the next level would be paramount, well that is not the case here - go across the street to CVS or down the road to Publix.

I now take my business to Publix pharmacy and wow what a difference. At Publix, you are treated with kindness, respect, and a willingness to help. No HIPAA voilations either.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Prescription Refill.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Walgreens Cons: Total lack of concern for customer, Pharmacy, Pharmacist attitude.

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  • Hipaa Violations
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I am betting it was a narcotic script, and the pharmacist has the legal right, and responsibility to question any script he wants to. Pharmacist are held legally responsible if they do not.

When your job can land you a prison sentence, you tend to be cautious.

HIPPA applies to ALL medical personnel, so it is perfectly legal for the pharmacist to demand a diagnosis for the drug in question, and it is doctor's duty to supply it. That is why you have to sign a records release when you go to the doctor, and if you read the HIPPA statement it tells you who has the right to your medical records.

NOT co-operating will only get you refusal of your script, and may get you blacklisted.


Think twice about going to CVS. Definitely not the best choice.

Go elsewhere for scripts, eg., WalMart(if you must) or find a small pharmacy. In your situation, file a complaint with the Florida insurance regulatory agency.

Go to the main Florida website and find the link for the insurance regulatory agency. I assume the script was for a narcotic and the guy at Walgreen was suspicious of you and/or the prescription's validity.