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Basically was told that the pharmacist knows me and whats best for me rather than the dr i have been seeing my entire life...refused to fill my pain meds and does not know my circumstances...was treated poorly by the tech which possibly could have been a man in a poor looking girls body... they just lost a customer!!

furthermore the rest of the staff(cashier, stockers) are very poor at customer service...some seem a bit slow and just plain awkward to deal with... not very helpful...

I am in aw at the way the i was treated by the pharmacy.

I am not a druggie off the streets. I have a serious, chronic, painful condition that requires certain medication to make life livable.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Pharmacist.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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HaHaHa - Proof that everyone sees through your bull.

This, LadyScot, is called "being schooled".

Boo Yah!!


a pharamacist is just a chemist. really not a medical doctor.a medical doctor does way more learning than a chemist.i acutally know someone in school right now to be a pharamacist,all she does is go to lectures.then she has a class to learn how to pronounce the drugs correctly.a doctors education is way more tell me would you want your pharamacist doing your surgery how about setting your broken leg be for real wallgreens pharamacists have a god complex it is not rocket science to count pills i would trust my doctor way more any day.just go to and see how they all think they are god.and we all know ladyscott is a paid walgreens troll and so is anonymous.trying to do damage contrl wallgreens we see right throu you.


To original poster: just wanted to say thank you for sharing your story. I'm sorry that you were treated this way.

I, too, am prescribed pain medication for an injury that has resulted in, what is now considered chronic pain. Before "Anonymous" posts, once again, I will clarify: I HAVE NEVER FILLED A PRESCRIPTION EARLY. In fact, I usually don't even fill it on the date that I am able to bc I stretch my medication out as much as possible. I noticed that you DID NOT say anything about your's being early either, but "Anonymous" just made that assumption/accusation on his/her own.

I suspect this is the same person I have seen reply to other posts, with equally insulting, unintelligent, & ignorant remarks. There are a great number of similarities between the posts/responses. I'm beginning to wonder if it is a Walgreen's employee (possibly a pharmacist or wannabe).

To this "Anonymous" response of July 25th: You are an ignorant, judgmental fool! If you are going to spend all your time on a site that's whole existence is for complaints, just to come up with flippant, know-it-all responses to people who just want to vent, get a life!

Your post states your assumptions/accusations as fact, when it was NOT even in the original post. If you are a Walgreens employee, your time might be better spent somewhere other than here. If you are a pharmacist or tech, maybe you should save your venom for the crooked pharmacists & techs out there because THEY ARE OUT THERE & they are giving you a bad name. Those of us that have the unfortunate situation(s) that have resulted in being prescribed meds would gladly string up the pill heads & dealers to the nearest post because they are making our lives miserable & are the reason we are labeled right along with them.

Just as every pharmacist is not an addict or a back door dealer, every patient prescribed pain medication isn't either.

Consider that before you pen your next Pulitzer piece defending Walgreens on a COMPAINT site. By the way, pharmacists may be more educated on medications, but they are not medical doctors, who are far more educated & qualified to diagnose & treat a patient.


There are laws pharmacies have to follow on pain meds. It is a narcotic.

Pharmacists are also liable by the DEA and govt and are legally bound last line of defense gatekeepers on drug abuse. The point is, they don't know you personally nor have any clue if your needs are legitimate or not, but they can't legally fill pain meds early. It just isn't possible.

And pharmacists are doctors too that take years of professional coursework just on meds...medical doctors only take one pharmacology course in med school. So a pharmacist probably does know what is better for you than a doctor when it comes to taking medications.


See above!