Reno, Nevada

Walgreens always filled my prescription for pain 5 days in advance. Then they asked me what was wrong with me that I needed pain medication!

When I refused to tell them due to HIPPA laws, they would conveniently forget to fill my pain meds. I stopped going to Walgreens due to their pharmacists being a control freak and trying to control you with your medications. You can't just stop pain meds because WALGREENS says so. They are not doctors.

Yet, they all seem to act like doctors.

If my insurance company fills it, then they need to let it go through.

  • unethical
  • Control Freaks
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Contrary to your beliefs, pharmacists are doctors. They go to school to 8+ years to obtain their doctorates of Pharmacology (a class that your doctor took once in their academic career).

They know more about the physiology of drugs inside the human body than your doctor will every know.

The true question here is why do you "always" get your pain medication early? To a pharmacist, and the DEA who monitor their every move, it sends up a red flag. If you consistently fill your controlled substance medications early, lets do the math.

(5 tablets - month one, 10 tablets - month two, etc.) In a years time, that is 60 extra pills that "should" be just lying around.

You say you can't just "stop taking" it. That is very true. But by your own admission of getting it consistently early, you should have some.


Pharmacists work very hard for their degrees and pay an average on $120,000 in tuition.

Their license and livelihoods are at stake every time they fill controlled medications early. They are not going to risk this it for someone throwing a fit over their pain medicine that they "should" have enough of.




I just love how all of that are commenting thinks this guy is popping to many pills. Maybe he gets them filled early is because he always could and I bet he has a nice big stash of "rainy day" pills if he ever needs them. But hey what do I know I guess I'll just assume he's a druggie like the rest of you.

I got to say bravo Jan with "NOBODY IS ABOVE THE LAW ANYMORE" were people who needed help with pain above the law before.....because if that was true I wish I would've known I could have gotten away with so much. Oh well missed opportunity I guess.

And Jen if you really work at a Walgreens then you know how pretentious your company really is. Walgreens is one of the few pharmacy's that I know of that has the whole at our discretion bulls!#t excuse to not fill someones prescription even though a doctor wrote it. You guys are the only *** who can openly judge a patient and get away with it.

You guys are just unbelievable.


It isn't against HIPPA because the pharmacist is your health care provider and part of your health care team treating you. Plus they can deny filling your pain medication early due to the nature of the drug.

These drug are regulated by the DEA and the pharmacist can get in trouble for filling your medication early, just like doctors who over prescribe pain medications.

If you need to pick up your medication early, you may be abusing the pain medication. You might need to check into rehab if you put a complaint like this on forum...


Yes pharmacists are a part of your health care team however they are not doctors. I understand that they have to spend at least four years to obtain their degrees but unless they actually hold a doctorates they have no training or knowledge on how to accurately diagnose a patient.

I have several family members in the medical field which two are pharmacists. They have both told me they know of what medications help with certain disorders but have no idea on the actual symptoms. That's why people go see doctors who have that ability and who writes the medications that they think will help the patients best.

Let me first say this I suffer from a very real and very painful disability that has no outside signs except when I am in tears from the pain. In recent years a stigma has been created because of controlled substances and the people who use them.

I myself have been judged as a drug addict and been questioned about my disability because of its invisible nature. Most often by pharmacists and pharmacy techs. I am a young man at the age of twenty three and have been openly called a fake and someone who just wants to score by ignorant people like yourself. Because of media reports on drug dealers and addicts who have manipulated the system in order to get high.

Even worse is the doctors who purposely wrote the prescriptions for them in the first place. This are the people who should be held accounted for but not everyone that uses them.

I understand and even accept the changes and the difficult stander ed that I as a patient have to go through that were enacted by the DEA. In my state in order for a doctor to be able to prescribe a patient more then fifteen pills that must go through a training course and obtain a license from the state.

Nurse Practitioners and Physicians Assistance are also able to prescribe up to but no more then fifteen without a doctors signature. The doctors must also keep account and turn in to the state a record of how many narcotics they have prescribed to the state. I know for a fact Walgreen is allowed to fill any narcotic threes days in advanced at the pharmacists discretion which is based off of the last filled date and if a doctor has not written a fill by this date order.

Now with all of that out of the way and being said this is the part of your comment which upset me the most and leads me to believe your ignorance towards people who need pain management.

NO WHERE IN HIS REVIEW DID HE SAY HE NEEDED HIS MEDICATION FILLED. If you read it he says the pharmacy needs to fill it because of his insurances approval. He never said he was out of pills or that he needed more early. He simply said he tried to have it filled in advanced like he usually does.

I as a person who needs help with pain think you are way out of line assuming that he needs to pick it up early because he is some kind of junky or is abusing his medication. Saying that he needs rehab just shows to everyone how truly ignorant you really are. Most of the people who are on narcotics like myself go to great lengths in keeping track of how much we take and struggle with making sure we do not become dependent or addicted to the narcotics. In truth most of us on it try to avoid taking it as much as possible even though we terrified of the pain that our aliments cause us.

I can say without any doubt that I hate having to take them and that I am scared of my narcotics and the harm they can cause. Most of the people I know are the same way and are even more so to try and explain to a doctor that they need them because they are afraid of being black listed and will never be able to manage their pain. I have gone through detox several times because of having to switch doctors or wait for approval from a new doctor. Detox is the worst thing that has ever happened to me and it happened because I have needed to take my medication for a very long time which I hate more then anything.

I have told my doctors and asked if I needed to go to rehab or to switch medications and they have all said no because it didn't happen because I was popping pills to get high. So you saying that this person needs rehab because he simply was trying to fill a prescription early is the absolute lowest and most ignorant statement I have ever heard.

So if you could do a little bit of research on the majority of people who take them (because it is a minority of people that abuse them) and not label every person that need pain management as a junky that would be great.


Law in most states now requires all prescriptions for control meds be run through a data base before being filled. Your name is entered to see how many pharmacies you use and what drugs you get.

The law will no longer make it easy to obtain the drugs that get abused. Prescriptions are not allowed to be filled early and should you be one of the people known to abuse a med, your prescription can be confiscated.

In many case the doctor is notified to be sure the script is legit and also informed if you obtain the same med from another doctor. NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW ANYMORE.


they have had so many issue with missing PAIN MEDS that they have taken it out on customers. if the pharmacist has a question he/she can call your doctor to offer an different drug ect. He/she never has to discuss it with you unless your DOCTOR agrees to a change!!


Actually they are doctors. They have to get their doctorate in pharmacy.

But I see what you mean. I work at a Walgreens pharmacy. Why would you need your medicine 5 days early anyway?

That doesn't make any sense. Obviously our systems are set up to fill medications on time, when they are due, like when a customer should be out of their pills, just like every other pharmacy computer system.


Maybe because they are disabled and that is the only day they can get a ride there.


"Just let it go through", says the person without a license to practice pharmacy. Neither does your insurance company.

Why do you need your pain meds 5 days early EVERY month. Unless you are taking more than prescribed you should have accumulated a reserve to use, so you shouldn't have to stop taking them. Pharmacists are getting pretty strict on this issue because prescription drug abuse is a pretty big problem in the US and governmental agencies and state boards have taken notice. If you are running out early then get your doctor to increase your dose to reflect the amount you actually take.

But you don't do that, you just try to get it filled too soon.

It's patients like you that take away time that I could spend counseling other patients on their medications or providing immunizations. I don't like having to turn into a detective to figure out when/where you filled your last pain pills to see if its OK to dispense.


Sometimes I hate my job too.