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This exact thing just happened to me two days ago at "my" Walgreens! I thought it was because she didn't know me.

I go every 4 weeks on a Monday, at the same time, to get the same prescription filled for the same narcotic since January of 2017, for the same quantity. Rain or Shine. Period. It's in the computer record.

Made me wait 45 minutes before she told me she would have to talk to the prescribing doctor. Do what? Uh no! You will never get her on the phone- she's probably left for the day by now.

What do you need I ask? You don't need to know that she says. I lost it! I was hungry, I had just waited 2 hours to see the doctor and about to miss my physical therapy appointment that I didn't want to miss for my back ( that I take the pills for!).

I'll tell you what I have. Furthermore to prove it, I have a prescription in my wallet the doctor just wrote for an MRI for my back with the diagnosis on it!! I also told her I had had Back surgery the last part of May which the medications I filled then would also prove I was telling the truth. BOY!

She glanced at it, but wasn't going to give an inch. Not good enough- still need to talk to the dr. Tells me I can come back. NO!

Not convenient and all this is ridiculous ( I'm getting louder and I know it ). She still not budging. I call doctor and get a " medical manager" who said she will talk to her so I try to hand pharmacist the phone. Know what?

Their not allowed to talk on YOUR cell phone! So now I have to hope to God the manager "gets to it" sooner rather than later". And she does. Meanwhile, this WHOLE TIME, another pharmacist who has waited on me countless times is listening to the whole ordeal.

Doesn't offer to vouch for me or speak up- nada, zilch! So I ask him to. Says he doesn't want to get involved! I started with her - I have to finish with her.

So if he would have retrieved the electronic prescription before her , I would have been out of there in 10 minutes!!! She finally processed RX, and I calmly ask cashier for the woman's business card. Pharmacist clearly says out loud she doesn't have one. Now, she knows what I want it for at this point!

So I asked her her name and she would only tell me her first name! (I get it now for safety reasons why they don't give their last names.) Could you write that down at least? Geez! I don't feel that they should be in this place of responsibility.

I don't ask to see their report card/ diploma from Pharmacy School! Who are they to question a doctors orders? Why couldn't the other pharmacist just step in and help me? Ridiculous!

Embarrassing, intimidating, humiliating, stressful. Mind you this is only ten days out from Harvey the Hurricane! I was suffering too! I needed my pain meds.( I still couldn't take a pill till I got home anyway).

I want to take legal action. I see a Class Action suit forming if they continue down this road and I will be at the front of the line!

It's not like any of us enjoy Chronic Pain! This better not happen to me again!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Prescription Refill.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Happened to me too. Went to fill my Xanax prescription on day 28, which is when my insurance will pay for it.

The pharmacist says she’s not filling it until day 30. I told her I’d misplaced my bottle and was out. She said tough luck.

During the two days I had no pills I was experiencing serious withdrawal symptoms and ended up having a seizure, no I have no feeling in my right arm. Lawsuit pending.


Federal law always trumps State law for Pharmacist. A pharmacist has the right to refuse to fill any prescription as long as it is available to the patient at a nearby location.

Also, I don't work for Walgreens, thank heavens, but I have heard that they have very strict corporate policies for dispensing schedule II narcotics like oxycodone, Percocet, etc. , especially since the opioid crisis.The Federal DEA and State DEA's are cracking down on pharmacies that dispense excessive quantities of oxycodone. These things may be the reasons that many people are having these problems.

It isn't just Walgreens. I don't know what they are allowed to tell patients though.


You can't take legal action. Pharmacists have no legal obligation to fill any prescription.

In fact the law actually favors them in this matter because they CAN be prosecuted if they fill a prescription found to be fraudulent. So given the possibility for criminal charges if they do not follow exact procedure they are given plenty of legal leeway to say no.

"The responsibility for the proper prescribing and dispensing of controlled substances is upon the prescribing practitioner, but a corresponding responsibility rests with the pharmacist who fills the prescription." This is from the US Department of Justice.

And as you can see the Justice Department puts just as much responsibility on pharmacists as it does doctors in regard to prescriptions. So no judge is going to rule in favor of you if you file a lawsuit.

to MattD78 #1383518

Well, MattD78, this is the kind of reply that happens when a non lawyer type answers legal questions (BTW, I'm not a lawyer, either-thank God)

From my research, it appears that this particular subject is handled on a state by state basis. Therefore, the Dept of Justice (a Federal department) does not regulate this particular subject.

For example-

" Maine, Minnesota, and North Dakota have laws that deem it to be unprofessional

conduct for a pharmacist to refuse to dispense prescriptions that may ordinarily and reasonably

be expected to be dispensed in a pharmacy by a pharmacist to be unprofessional conduct."

CMR 02-392-030; Minn. R. 6800.2250; N.D. Admin.

Code 61-04-04-01. See those little footnotes? That's where, instead of just spouting my opinion, actual data is provided so others can look it up as well. If I can provide a link to make it easier, that's even better! Most states have specific laws regarding the dispensing of contraceptives, either pro or against. Some states don't specify which drugs are mandated to be filled. And of course, YMMV, as these laws are CONSTANTLY in flux, most likely due to the opioid problems and the contraceptives issue IMO. Bottom line - if it were me, I'd at least try for a legal opinion from an actual attorney.

And if it was me, I'd probably only do that if it were free for a consultation. Otherwise, just find a new pharmacy - I've been happy with CVS lately...

to MrCustomer #1385090

I never said the Department of Justice regulates pharmacies. I said according to the Department of Justice since they handle prosecution of pharmacists who conduct illegal activities like unlawful dispensing of controlled substances, they put just as much responsibility on the pharmacist as they do the doctor. Therefor since pharmacists know this, they are going to take every precaution to avoid that liability.

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