Walgreens pharmacists try to practice medicine by reviewing medications, then pestering doctors, often asking for diagnoses and plans of care. They claim it is because of regulations.

BUT the regs do not say that. How can a person with a partial degree in chemistry and an ability to count, know the medications to give, without training in clinical diagnosis and not having examined the patient? Corporations are smart. Walgreens is up to no good.

Attempting to denigrate doctors, aggrandize themselves, and push through regulatory change so they can be the doctor. Without hiring a real doctor.

Go elsewhere to fill your prescriptions. Keep your back to the wall with this company.

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Do your research before putting such a post. It is not a partial degree in chemistry.

The degree is a doctoral degree and they are train in clinical therapy. Their primary job at walgreens IS too review and fill your medications. You would be saying a different story if the doctor accidentally wrote for the wrong medication and actually caused you some harm, then you would say the pharmacist should have been doing more checking with the doctor.

Know your *** before posting to the public. That way you wont look like such an ***


I agree 100% with you. they are not top heavy they are bottom heavy in the pharmacy.

so many uneducated low level employees doing what a real PHARMACIST with an actually degree should be doing.

very bad for the customers patients!!


I don't like walgreens because they are so busy, understaffed, and underpaid but "Pharmacy Student's" comment is correct.

aka blame the company not the pharmacists-they are doing their job


pharmacists are doctors (they have pharmD-doctorate of pharmacy).

Medical students have one semester of drug classes while pharmacy students have 4 years worth of it.

They know which drug is the most effective and which drug will be the cheapest for you to pay for.

Source-pharmacy resident

@Pharmacy student

Yes but doctors know way more about the human body than you do.In pharamcy school did you have to dissect a human corpse?I think not.You did chemistry did you not?All a pharmacist is a chemist nothing more nothing less and when a chemist starts playing doctor bad things could happen.You do not do medical tests.You do not examine the patient.You count pills and mix things that is the extent of your education.So all I have to say to all you pharmacists praticeing medicine without a license stop it you are putting lives in danger with your superiority complex.