Topeka, Kansas

This is the second time it has happened waiting on medican to be filled after been e-mail faxed by my Doctor this morning got there and had to wait 20 to 25 minutes to get it, on the first of April it was send to the same pharmacy after the third trip there I told them they will call my Dr and get it and it was still like an hour wait over $1.51 it cost me that was bunch of *** there excuse was it was the first of the month. Today they said they cannot fill each e-mail fax as a wait prescription so i had to be in Cointon to wait an extra 20-25 minutes for it, your company also cannot anymore call or text to t-mobile I have checked with my company and its not on there end.

The person did want to know if I wanted to talk to an pharmacist why it would still take time to fill it, fill the customer is so inconvenient at there as many pharmacies they have working there they run around like head cut off this is at 10th and Topeka blvd in Topeka ks. Which I have use that one for going on 25 years for all my medicine

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Prescription Refill.

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Easy way to solve this problem, get a hard copy of the prescription and take it to a pharmacy that doesn't hire ignorant low class trash like LadyScot.

LadyScot sucks! She knows all about narcotics because she is an addict.

LadyScot is stealing all the narcotics for herself. Beware, walgreens hires ignorant low class people like LadyScot that like to use the heroin addict nikki sixx image as their avatar because it best represents her drug induced blabber.


I had a patient tell me today "My doctor faxed in a script and said it would be ready when I got here."

I asked what time he faxed it in. She said "20 minutes ago".

It was not even on the typing system yet as it had not gone through the verify check yet. I explained that it would be about an hour and she went ballistic. "The doctor said it would be ready"

She was more pissed off when the pharmacist told her that her doctor did not work there so how would he know when it would be ready?

Even the pharmacist tried to explain to her that there were patients ahead of her and she still could not grasp that she had to wait IN LINE.

You people never fail to amaze me at the sheer unreasonable demands and expectations you put on us.


Dr's do NOT e-mail they e-scribe it goes thru check points to prove it came from the dr and was not hacked. It doesn't go straight to the pharmacy.

It takes a little while to verify that. When they do receive it do u really think they are going to tell people waiting they have to wait longer because we just received a escript and we have to do that first. Most of them are where the patient went to their yearly checkup and got their maintenance meds sent in even though they don't need them for a few weeks. I've had people come straight from the drs office and beat the rx in getting there.

So we haven't even received it even after they sat there for 10 minutes. I guess it depends how many are being sent at that time.

U just need to chill. Why not run another errand before you high tail it to the pharmacy