Walker, Michigan
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this has been an ongoing problem of at least 3 years everytime it gets to the last month of refills they will not fill perscriptions, say need to contact dr-will take 3to 5 days. so this year we went to dr 2 mos before the expiration date and dr posted right into computer to refill all meds and sent right to walgreen in standale michigan on wilson nw. well, here we go again-they dont have any info, will take the (routine answer)3-5 days. i called the dr office myself and was told they would call them themself and try to straignten out-DO WE NEED TO SWITCH OUR SERVICE! why is the standale store so much slower than any of the other

local pharmacys--if i didnt live 2 blocks away i would switch elswhere. TIME FOR A SHAKEUP AT THIS STORE!

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Prescriptions are legally only good for 1 year after they were written, so if you were written a script for 12 1 month refills and you were even one day late picking up or refilling one of the refills, that could push the last refill past the one year mark. by law they cannot fill it.

They are contacting the doctor to get a whole new prescription for you. They click a button and that sends the doctor a fax.

The 3-5 days is how long they are estimating it's going to take your doctor to get back to them. You can, as the patient, call your doctor and have them call you in a new prescription.