1- Pharmacist yelled at me over the phone and has not tried to fill my pain medication that was prescribed by my neurologist.He did not listen carefully as to what i saying and he is very rude and obnoxious. Pain medicine was never ordered and never received.

2- tried to get my norvasc refilled and was told that is was not due until may.

it was last filled in Feb and i am out. Tech could not figure it out and then tried to tell me if i took 1 pill a day for 30 days, i wouldnt need any. I am a RN of 30 years.

My norvasc is empty and walgreens will not refill it.

What is going there? Ever since Walgreens took over it has been one issue after the next and the community is complaining.

once i find out the pharmacists name i am reporting him to the board.

thank you

Location: Baltimore, Maryland

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