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I have been on pain management medication for 7 years. I take my medication according to doctor's instruction, I also have regular surgical nerve block procedures and despite my condition I manage to work a full time job commuting 2 hrs. every day. I am well aware of the hype and hysteria generated in last few years regarding the "OPIOID CRISIS!!!" I understand there are some who abuse their medication or sell them illegally - Walgreens Pharmacy treats me like I am a junkie. I get rude attitudes, dirty looks, challenges constantly that I am a day too soon for a refill, denial of a refill etc. My doctor prescribes my medication to the day. Walgreens challenges it, claims insurance won't cover thd refill and when I contact my insurance they say it is approved.

It is bad enough that I suffer from chronic pain after being rearended by an undocumented driver with no insurance who slammed his Lincoln Continential into my Honda Civic at 30 mph while I was stopped at a red light. But having to endure the obnoxious, judgemental, rude and often hostile attitudes I receive when attempting to get my medication filled is infuriating!

I am not a junkie, I am not a criminal, I am not some loser working the system.

I am a hard working middle age guy who was a victim 10 years ago who continues to feel victimized every month when I attempt to get my prescription filled at Walgreens.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Prescription Refill.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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Just like when they treat a woman rudely just because she wants to buy birth control pills. They should be glad that she is trying to be responsible and prevent an unwanted pregnancy instead of trying to impose their moral beliefs on her.


The first thing you need to do is find another pharmacy, and not another Walgreen's. I recommend Meijer pharmacy.

There is one in Portage, Indiana. Or, if you can find a small, locally-owned pharmacy try them although these are few and far between nowadays. Since you are close-enough to the Michigan border, you might soon be able to avail yourself of the new marijuana law recently passed in Michigan allowing the recreational use of that pain reliever. Keep it in mind.

Good luck. Aren't we happy the government is looking out for us?


There's the reason my Dad got me a huge Chrysler New Yorker back in '73 instead of the dinky Porsche 914 I thought was cool. Of course it saved me more than once.

In a world containing Lincoln Continentals, you'd better not drive something small and flimsy. About peoples' attitudes - forget 'em, get what you need and tune them out.

Medicines are designed in good faith to help people with problems like yours, the rest of the speeches about "opioid crisis" are nonsense. Junkies do what junkies do ; always have, always will.


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