Warren, Michigan
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Dropped off prescription at the counter for a refill at 5:30 pm., told the girl that I would be waiting for the script to be filled. Walked around store shopping for a few items.

Went back to the pharmacy at 5:55 to find the pharmacy locked up tight. Called the store manager over who said, there was nothing she could do to assist me. I felt sorry for her having to deal with such idiots in the pharmacy. She called the corporate office - no answer, no response.

She called the pharmacist - no answer, no response. I am totally amazed by this!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Pharmacist.

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If the Pharmacy closes at 6:00 you were there on a Saturday or a Sunday. Aside from that, the Pharmacy cannot pull the "blinds" down or lock up early.

There are several things that they have to do that will give them away. The alarm is monitered and if it is set early or late a signal will be sent to several people who will actively question that. The registers have to be turned into the manager and if they are turned in early, the manager on duty can tell them to turn it around and march back into the Pharmacy. If the Pharmacy staff has left and has failed to turn in the registers or has left the registers in the office without informing the manager, they can face disciplinary up to and including termination.

Your entire story is a Walgreen's Loss Prevention situation and NOBODY wants to get mixed up in that. Your story doesn't add up.





Did you find a 24 hour store and they fill it? Did you go to the hospital?


What time does the sign on the wall by the pharmacy say they close? Did you tell the staff you would be waiting for it?

Did you ask if they could fill it before closing?

In our pharmacy we do not take new scripts an hour before closing. We will take refills up to 30 minutes before.


Sign on the wall says 6:00 pm closing time. Rude girl at counter asked if I would be waiting and I told her I would be waiting.

She said she would page me when it was ready and I was free to continue my shopping. It was a refill.

Received a call Monday from the pharmacist apologizing and from the corporate office. Doesn't excuse the rude assistant and I still think she should be fired!!!!


They apologized, twice. How was the pharmacy tech rude?

Because she may have forgot to page you? You would have someone fired for a simple mistake? Do you ever make a simple mistake that someone would think you should be fired for? And how bad of a mistake on your job would you justify being fired for?

Too many people these days hollering about getting people fired. You are playing with someone's livelihood, and you would not want someone doing the same to you, would you?


Uh, Playing with someones livelihood? How about playing with someones life or pain relief.

Fired seems minor compared to the possible repercussions of someone possibly ending up in a hospital or morgue . I probably wouldn't want to see someone fired but please don't try to minimize the seriousness of what happened to this person.


I love your response, dxloat. It's pretty amazing how this person doesn't have a concern for anyone except him and his pharmacy. He would rather have someone suffer or die than be inconvenienced at his job.