Clinton, Utah
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Friday, March 4, 2016 I went into the Clinton Pharmacy with a new prescription for my pain RX. The pharmacy informed me that they would not fill the RX because I should have 12 pills left.

I should have had more because I did not take them as often as prescribed. I went through the weekend without my pain pills, went to pick up my RX on the following Monday, counted my pills and I was seven (7) pills short.

Called the store and of course all of their numbers match. They leave you with the message that you are a lying druggie.

I expect to receive what I pay for. I have called Walgreen's corporate, and will call the police, medicare and others.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Prescription Refill.

Reason of review: RX shortage.

Preferred solution: Pharmacy needs to be investigated..

Walgreens Cons: Being treated like i was a criminal.

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Count before you leave the counter and in the presence of the pharmacist. Once you leave, they are yours.


Let me add that there is a camera in every pharmacy.


Just some friendly advice....same thing happened to me 5 yrs ago...shorted by 8 pills. Now, I'm not sure how difficult it is in your state, but here in ct.

there are FEW pain mgmt mds...very few!!! Most are not accepting new patients either. When my incident happened, I did exactly the things you are planning to do. Guess what happened...the pharmacy phoned my md & told him I was seeking extra pills.

That is also what he told the police and anyone else he could. My physician dropped me immediately and to this very day the pharmacist continues to manage his pharmacy dept. !!!!! Wrong?

Absolutely. Fair? No way. I am only sharing this to inform you of the ultimate outcome of my situation.

This situation makes me sick...but I truly feel patients are being held hostage to support someone's addiction.

Please do write & let us know the outcome. Friend in Ct.


I went to Walgreens on 3/1/2016 and dropped off my Rx for a controlled substance that was dated “do not fill until after 2/27/2016”. The following day I went into pick up and was told that they could not fill my Rx because I should still have some left.

I asked them to repeat what they were saying as I was at the window. She said there are only 29 days in February and you did not pick up your Rx last month until 2/6/2016 so you should still have plenty. Not only was the girl extremely rude, but she treated me like I was some sleaze. Not to mention, yet another trip back to the pharmacy.

It took me 3 visits the previous month to get the rx filled. I debated the dates and mentioned what the rx paper said once again. She got very angry with me. So I consented to coming back yet again.

She then asked me in a very sarcastic voice what I was going to do without my rx since I was so insistent on picking up. I made the comment oh I will borrow one from my daughter if I run out and left. I went back to Walgreens window on 3/5/2016, and was told they could not dispense the rx and that I needed to come inside or come back in 10 minutes. I thought they were just behind or something.

I could not wait and left. I returned again on 3/7/2016. The pharmacist said he could not fill my rx, and I was confused...thinking maybe it was an insurance issue with prior authorization needed again. I asked for more details and the pharmacist at window dropped phone and left.

Moments later (I assume he was the head pharmacist) came back and screamed at me, telling me it was unlawful to dispense medication with intent to sell to others. I was so confused; I asked if he had the right person. (I was pretty embarrassed as there were cars behind me and he was yelling). He yelled my name and my birth date which I confirmed and he said "this is you and you told the pharmacist that you needed your rx right then to pay someone back".

I was appalled and embarrassed. I could not even think at that moment what the actual conversation was. He told me the authorities had been contacted as had my Dr. and that I was never going to be able to purchase controlled substances again.

I went home and called my Dr’s office. It was late but the nurse attendant called me as I must have sounded pretty frantic. When repeating the whole scenario from start, I realized what I had said and the pharmacist had completely taken it out of context, and then twisted it into something I did not say. I had to make an appointment with my Dr.

to attempt to straighten this out, which will be a Co-pay and portion of deductible not met, because some pharmacist went on a power trip. I have my meeting with my Dr this afternoon, so I am not sure the outcome as of yet.

I am beyond angry and I can't even wrap my head around how I was treated, nor what the accusations are actually stating. I went on line and googled to see if there was any information that could help me understand, and I found reviews over reviews on being a criminal at Walgreens.