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I have always picked up my dad's narcotic medication every 4th Monday( that is the only day his doctor is in the office) I dropped off scripts yesterday and went back today and they told me I had to wait until tomorrow to get them. They were already filled sitting in the bin because the pharmacy manager said today was the 29th day I tried to explain to him it was the 30th day and he wouldn't hear it.

I have gotten this before on the 28th day it wasn't an insurance police it is their new policy. Well after I pick up them in the morning I will be transferring all of his other scripts to Kmart. It is their attitude that *** me off, I have never had a problem with them before they know who I am, I am up there everyday, but no more. They got in trouble with the DEA and they are taking out on us.

If he would have taken the five seconds to say to me that this is their new policy I would have been cool with it, but to just tell me because you said so.

No thanks I have too many other options.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

  • Pharmacy abuse
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Ya that's crazy..drug Mart just pulled that on me..always picked them up on29th or 30th day..now they telling me I have to wait till 31st day..well I'm at work on that day so I will be out of meds all day till I get off work..ya don't wait till ya run out of toilet paper before ya get more..how rediculous..


I'm glad somebody wrote something. When I spoke with the pharmacist, they told me there was nothing they could do.

I even had somebody related to insurance lobby for me and they were also told the answer was NO before 31 days. When it comes down to it, that extra day leaves the patient without their medication for 8 hours a month, which should be illegal and is unacceptable.


I'm a pharmacist in Canada, and while there is no law that says you have to wait to the 30th day - some pharmacies have policies that say you have to wait until a day or two before the Rx runs out before you can refill it. Sometimes doctors will write "Do not fill until 30th day" or whatever - you need to check the Rx as well.

Finally, your drug plan might make you wait a certain number of days before you can refill a prescription. Most have a 2/3 policy - so if the Rx is more than 2/3 done, you can refill.(On a 30 day prescription, you could refill on the 21st day). So, if the pharmacy says you can't refill yet because you're too early, ask why - is it the store's policy, or because of your drug plan? If it's your drug plan, even if you change pharmacies, the problem won't be solved.

Explaining to people the reason WHY will often help defuse a lot of anger. That's what the managers should do when they refuse to fill your Rx.


You are so right! Walgreens was fined 80 million dollars (yes you saw that right) because of there greed in filling scripts that were not legit!

They made literally BILLIONS of dollars filling scripts they knew were fraudulent!! I now have to show my drivers license to get my script but fortunately I have a very good pharmacy! I recently went to fill my script at a different location (open 24 hrs) because I was going out of town and was leaving very early and the pharmacy I go to wasn't going to be open until 8 am and they refused to fill it saying I was already "locked" into another pharmacy!

We now all have to pay the price for there *** greed!!! I will transfer my scripts if they start anything with me!


When a pharmacy says your "locked" into another that either means your MEDCAID locked you in because you get a lot of rx's or you signed a pain contract saying you will go to one place. Either way you should know the reason isn't walgreens.


If you are there every day and your dad is taking his medicine correctly what's the big deal why would you be so upset? It's not like you have to waste gas or time to come back tomorrow because you are there every day. What kind of dr works once a month anyway?


You are taking the correct action in going to a different pharmacy. Walgreen is too large of an entity to really care about individual customers.

But, why give them your business? KMart will treat you right.


Some medications are listed under the heading of controlled substances, and they can only be filled on the last day of the previous prescription. Pharmacies do have certain laws that they have to obey.


controlled substance or not, there is no LAW that states if you have a 30 day supply that you will have to wait 30 days (essentially when you are completely out) to get a refill. It's not practical and doesn't fit into people's schedules easily.

It is up to the pharmacist's personal discretion. I myself will fill after 27 days on a 30 day supply on controlled substances (only earlier if I call the doctor and they OK the early fill after explaining the situation, like going on vacation or something). Just as long as you're not going on "vacation" every month then everything is simple. This is just my personal practice of dispensing controlled substances, however each pharmacist legally has the authority to do what they are comfortable with.

I do agree that they shouldn't make you wait PAST 30 days though!! Thats crazy!


If the drug is a narcotic they absolutely must wait til the 30th day.

@Pharmacy Technician

Again, LadyScot is the know it all of pissedconsumer.com although she keeps it more of a secret now.

@Pharmacy Technician

absolutely FALSE. There is no law that states this and it is completely up to the pharmacist's discretion. However the recent DEA penalties against walgreens due to their liberal dispensing of narcotics (especially in florida where you are) may play a role in determining the pharmacists discretion in order to protect their license


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