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i have had the worst experience with the Walgreen pharmacy's in Arizona this past year.Once a month its the same thing... bad customer service, no one ever know whats going on, nobody ever fixes the problem.

they just blame the last person. all the way from the pharmacy to the tech's to the pharmacy call centers.

i would love to switch stores and give my 400 to 600 dollars CASH every month to CVS but unfortunately they walgreens are the only one who carry this medication. I hate this, how can i "be well" when once a month i spend hours dealing with this situation?

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going to have same problem. same rules.

you could always ask another pharmacy if they could carry it. also what is the problem? insurance? drug pickup dates?

just bad service? if service talk to management. with adult tones.

write out list of what is wrong and what you wish to say before you go in there. emotions come out to fast.

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