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I entered your store sunday morning on 6-1-14. And the pharmacy lady Rose G.

who asked what I needed and I told her sinus and allergy med. she then took my i.d. and asked where the town I lived was located . I tell her and she asked why do they allways come here for cold pills, as if I know who they all are.

She then asked why I came there . I tell her I do landscaping in this area, And then she replies Oh you work on sundays as if I was lying .And then she says sorry there is a glitch in the system let me try again and a co worker walks in and she says can you run him through and he said no it makes it looks like he's trying to purchase 2 times . She then runs me through a 3rd time and says come back later maybe then it will work. Leaving the store having made no purchase I start to my next job passing another walgreens I stop in because now my allergys are realy bad.

I go to the counter ask for same thing the lady was polite and says im sorry but you exceeded your limit. Knowing that I have not I told her what happened at the other store and she says I don't know why she ran you through 3 times. Now I know what Rose was doing and why she did it. not only did she make me look like I was trying to break the law but she sterotyped me as a drug user.

Upset I went back to her and let her know that not everyone who purcases allergy meds. is on drugs and I have had allergys all my life and that I didn't like that she judged me. Not to mention im prob. tagged as a criminal in the system and I have to deal with my allergys all month because she ran me through the system 3 times in 5 min.

And I was completely unaware of her plans of doing so. And never even purchased 1 item from your store but it looks like I tried. Iwill never return to a walgreens again thanks to Rose. Don't know if there are any legality's broken here but I plan on contacting my attorney first thing monday morning because of the way she made me feel.

This is the first time I had any prob. with any walgreens ever and I shoped there a lot like Wal-Mart but not anymore . What gives her the right to judge people and some how glitch the system to were it looks like I attempted to purchase 3 times in one day. Im all for this war on drugs and there is a system put forth by law that allows you to purchase a certain amount .

She needs to do her job and the law will do theres with the system they have now. Its just alarming that she can manipulate the system and I was completely unaware.

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Kokomo, Indiana, United States #829910

You can't manipulate the system. That is not how it wirks.

It does not log in unless you actually make a transaction. If a employee had access to a GOVERNMENT REGULATED SYSTEM then I Wana know.

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