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The dr called the main pharmacist and got the pain medication approved. My husband was involved in two car accidents and required two surgeries.

He had lower back surgery and was released since we had hospital equipment at home. The head pharmacist understood my husband cannot take opium based pain medication based on testing done prior to ensure he got the correct care when the first pain meds did not work. It took 15 minutes for us to get to the walgreens. The head pharmacy manager just left fir the day.

A substitute pharmacist was there instead. This walgreens we have used exclusively for 18 years. This individual looked up not only my husbands medication history but mine as well even though I did not have a script to fill. He advised he didn't agree with the dr and refused to fill.

I explained he was in the car and was going to come to any moment and needed the preapproved meds. I asked he call the head pharmacist since he was not from the area. He stated he was in charge and wasn't calling anyone. He disagreed with the dr and said I could come back after his shift 8 hours from the time I arrived.

He turned away 30 patients based on his medical determination that the dr was giving wrong diagnosis and two people ended up in ER because they couldn't get the meds. The pharmacy cannot made medical diagnosis and give medical determinations They have no access to medical records and this guy put people's health at risk. The only reason we didn't end up at ER was that I found another pharmacy who took care if us. This individual should be fired and never work in pharmaceuticals again as he could have caused death in someone.

It is unconscionable that any medical provider would leave a patient coming from back surgery in a car to come to and be in extreme pain. All because he felt he had too much power. He should have called the dr, looked at head pharmacy manager notes or called the manager. 30 people at risk because this guy was a *** and played God with people's lives.

This guy was filling in from Spring Hill FL to Palm Harbor about 45 minutes away so idk why he would tell customers their dr was a quack and refuse based on his own medical theory. It's against the law to practice medicine without a license and defaming reputations. If Wakgreens hire people like this they shouldn't be in allowed to stay open. I certainly wasn't at the corner of happy and healthy.

We tried cvs a few times but they cheated us 2 to 3 pills per script so we had to count every pill before we left the store.

These large chains need regulation and oversight pulled my entire family medications. Until he is fired I won't go back.

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I was notified that Walgreens fired this person for making medical decisions and putting people's lives in danger. I quit using CVS when they shorted me pills and then accused me of wanting more pills than I paid for, the script was for estrogen and the pharmacist didn't think I needed then due to my age.

He had no clue I had issues and almost dude because I quit producing estrogen. I finally had to count pills before I left the store, then they over charged me by 30 on average. It wasn't until I contacted insurance they confirmed and refunded me. I have found a small family owned pharmacy, while they aren't open 24 hours they seem to be able to count pills and actually care that we get our medication.

I feel sorry for very ill or seniors who don't know what to do. Pharmacists have a huge responsibility to the community.

Just sad one person can do so much damage when the actual manager cares. But the manager can't work 24/7.


sad but not the first time i have seen this 1000'S of these kinds of issues reported on all kinds of sites about this happening over and over again. glad you were helped but sorry that you had to deal with this kind of treatment not the way it is meant to be.

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