Burbank, Illinois
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The pharmacy staff associate Michelle at the Walgreens on 78th & Central has a habit of losing insurance cards. She never gave me mine back, & when I went to inquire about it, I was told it's typical Michelle & she does that all the time.

Michelle called me to tell me she knows she gave it to me, but when I tried telling her that she walked away with it & never gave it back, she started giving me an attitude & hung up on me. I'm in customer service myself, & I was always told that you NEVER hang up on a customer or treat them rudely. This is not the first or second time I have had an issue with Michelle losing stuff. She also lost my son's prescription about 4 months ago.

She definitely needs to be replaced. I will not use Walgreens Pharmacy if she is there.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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This reeks like week old fish left out to rot in the sun. I have been going to the Walgreens Pharmacy in Burbank for many years, even when they were at their old location. I don't know which Michelle you're talking about, because there is 2 of them who work there, but it doesn't make a difference they, as well as the rest of the staff, have been nothing but nice and helpful to me and my family. They have gone above and beyond when it comes to taking care of our prescriptions.

Your claim makes absolutely no sense. Throughout the years, I have had to update insurance information and when I hand them my card, they hand it right back to me once they're done updating my info. How does one lose an insurance card in a matter of what? A few minutes? Did you ask what happened to your card? What did she say? I find it hard to believe that she told you that she lost it and that you were ok with that and just left. Did you ask her to retrace her steps to locate your card? Did you ask to speak to a manager? There's security cameras all over the place at the pharmacy. Did you ask them to review the security tapes to see where it could've been misplaced? I wouldn't have left there until I had my card in my hand. On the other hand, are you sure that YOU didn't misplace it? Tossed it in your purse perhaps? Put it in a pocket? I've lost count on how many times I forgot to put a card back in my wallet and just tossed it into my purse.

Considering that I've had nothing but positive experiences at that store, I think there's way more to this story than what's being said. As a matter of fact, the next time I visit this pharmacy, I am going to show this to them in case they are not aware of this. I think they should be aware of what's being said as you've specifically named someone and made some comments that could be considered libelous. Even though you've posted anonymously, I'm quite sure they can figure out who you are and if what you've written is not true, legal action could be taken against you.