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Today July 24,2018 my daughter went to the pharmacy to pick up my grandaughters eplipsy medication. She was told it would be ready in 10 min.

which turned into another 10-15 min. After the time past she went to the drive thru and was instructed it was not ready and to pull forward they would motion for her when it was ready (very rude). She pulled up and after almost 2 hours waiting her script was finally ready. The clerk who waited on her couldnt be bothered with any questions she had about why it took so long, he without answering or aknowledging her question put the phone down and just walked off.

What has happened to customer service? After receiving her meds she called the store manager to complain. The Mgr. said all I can do is applogize.

He never ask for details or acted interested in what had happened. Needless to say the family will not use Walgreens again. It would be nice to be treated with respect when you are a long time consumer.

This took place at the Walgreens on Albert Pike Rd. In Hot Springs, Ar.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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The fact remains Walgreens is a major chain. As a consumer I would expect that if I were told that my script would be ready at a certain time baring unforseen circumstances, it should have ready.

If this were the first and only time this event had happened my daughter would not have bothered going to the store manager. The customer service at this store is terrible. As consumers are we really disposable to business? Must we be expected to accept less then common courtesy when we spend our hard earned money for services or products?

The bottom line is poor training and devlopment and rather than investigate the complaint it was easier to say "all i can do is apologize" My daughter happens to be a grown woman who has worked with the public for years. She was not hot headed nor demanding. She was not verbally abusive. She did ask how much longer they thought it might be.

After she was text not once but twice that it was ready. I really don't believe that infringed on anyone or insinuated that anyone was incompetent in their duties. However, again the fact remains the pharmacy clerk and store manager literally dropped the ball with poor customer service and lost a few long time customers. Doesn't sound like much but numbers add over a period of time.

So for those of you that are quick to jump to conclusions as to my daughters behavior concerning these events bless your heart. You are so lucky you have never had to deal with a situation like this and I hope you never do.

to Moonbaby #1527515

I really wish that an "ordeal" like this was the worst thing I've ever had happen to me.

to JellyDoll #1536848

I really wish you never have to experience anything like that as well. However this is a place to post consumer experiences good or bad.

to Moonbaby #1538699

Feel better now?

to Moonbaby #1528652

Then complain to whomever is over the pharmacies at Walgreens. Search for that information online, and send a complaint letter.

to Anonymous #1536847

A complaint letter has been sent to corp. office. Thank you to all who have participated in this post.


I highly doubt they were busy at all. The customer was told 10 Minutes period.

If the staff needed 2 hours the staff should have communicated so. Now we have a business out right lying to a customer, unacceptable.

Yet again lazy staff whom do not take Customer Service seriously. Ridiculous, shame on the employees.

to Anonymous #1525636

But you don't know for a fact that they weren't really busy? You just assume they're all lazy and don't have anyone to wait on except for you.

There couldn't possibly have been a rush, it couldn't possibly be that you were being ridiculous and demanding and maybe decided - like so many customers do - that 5 minutes was actually twenty. Do you have any idea how busy a pharmacy is? Do you have any clue about what happens in one? Have you ever worked in a pharmacy?

Do you know that, at any given time, the pharmacy is filling approximately 200 prescriptions, with more coming in constantly? Oh but yeah, just assume that the techs are back there doing NOTHING all day, because it's so much easier when you don't know anything about what they do all day. YOU wouldn't last ONE HOUR in a retail pharmacy. Try some compassion.

God I hate customers like you - people in pain waiting for their meds, phone ringing off the hook, queue blowing up, but OMG drop everything and get YOUR meds! You know, I love my patients, but I hate entitled drama queens like you.

to JellyDoll #1525654

I do not care what the techs do all day. No assumption, because I do not care.

The only thing that concerns a customer is service. And failing to communicate a realistic wait time is a failure on there part, plain and simple.

to Anonymous #1526353

It's "their" time. And the techs don't care what you do all day either, hence why your meds weren't ready.

to Anonymous #1526390

No assumption in their failure or very apparent laziness. They lied and a lie is always a choice.

The told the Customer 10 minutes and it was reported by OP to take 2 hours. What is this "caring" nonsense, about the techs?

I only care if the employees chose to do there jobs. Or when they chose to lie.

to Anonymous #1526680

It's "their" jobs. And is it a lie if they expect it to take 15 minutes and then something happens and it ends up taking longer? Are psychic abilities a job requirement now?

to JellyDoll #1526009

I do not care what happens in a Pharmacy. There is no assumption because I don't care.

It's not my concern as a customer. My only concern is Customer Service. And when staff chose not to provide it. What is so hard to understand?

Customer Service is binary, either it's there or it isn't. Excuses are irrelevant.

to Anonymous #1526062

They CHOSE not to provide it? That's an assumption.

You're quick to take this personally, as though they were just waiting for you to come in and plotting to irritate you as much as possible. Don't you think they'd want you out of there asap, simply because you're so impatient and admittedly don't care about them? You don't exactly sound like someone they would WANT to hang around with any longer than necessary. They were busy.

Get over yourself. Why should anyone care about you if you don't care about them?

to JellyDoll #1527967

You are definitely in the wrong profession. If most pharmacies are very busy they are at least professional enough to tell you that there is a 3 hour, or more wait.

Try honesty & compassion.

Better yet, you're more suited for the fast food industry. If they would even want someone without any customer service skills.

to Beth C #1590700

You hit the nail right on the head Beth C. !!!

to Anonymous #1526594

Then complain to whomever is over the pharmacies at Walgreens. Search for that information online, and send a complaint letter.


Maybe they were really busy?

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