407 W Glen Park Ave, Griffith, IN 46319, USA
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Update by user Jul 15, 2018

Walgreens did have an investigation and it appears that can cannot process the claim with my insurance company, Cigna. I have spoken to, and written emails to at least ten different reps of both companies.

Thursday, Cigna sent me to the Walgreens on Kennedy Ave in Hammond, Inidana. They said they had spoken to the Pharmacist there and told him how the claim could be processed. I waited THREE HOURS there, unable to get the shot. The next day a Cigna rep called a Wal Mart pharmacy and was unable to process the claim there, either!

So it looks like it might be Cigna's problem, not Walgreens.

We'll see! I'm still waiting to get the shot, going on four weeks now.

Update by user Jun 21, 2018

NOTE: I received a call from the pharmacist who told me the case has been turned over to a third party to examine what went wrong. So while the problem has not been totally resolved, I really DO appreciate that they are looking in to it!

The reason this review sounds so negative is because when I did NOT hear from them, I thought that they simply didn't care, and that WOULD *** a person off!

In retrospect, I feel that they did all they could do and that is why they needed to turn it over to the third party. Just hearing from them eased by frustration and anger by half.

Original review posted by user Jun 15, 2018

June 14, 2018 I went to the Walgreens on Glen park Ave in Griffith, Indiana I had been here many times in the past to get prescriptions without problems. I went that day to get a simple shingles shot.

In short I was in there TWO HOURS and left WITHOUT getting the shot! First I was told that my insurance, Cigna, would not cover the shot. I knew this was baloney because they covered it before. I called Cigna who told me they WOULD cover the shot.

Went back in to Walgreens Griffith, who told me again Cigna would not cover it. After about two hours of waiting the pharamacy tech told me that they had had trouble with their "health desk" and unforunately, that health desk was now closed. So to hours wasted. To top it off, I got a voice mail from them today telling me that Cigna would not pay for the shot.

I immediately called Cigna who tyold me they WOULD pay for it, only that Walgreens did not know how to process the claim. Think about that for a minute. I am BEYOND mere frustration. I never want to have anything to do with that location again.

I cannot trust them to do anything right ever again. I hope that the corporate comapny of Walgreens can do something about the people at this store.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Prescription Refill.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Assure Walgreens customers they will not have to deal with this incompetence ever again.

Walgreens Cons: Incompetence.

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