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I turned in my roll of film of,and I still haven't picked them up...I turned them in on Jan 21,2013,and they said they would hold them for 30days;however the man at the photo center inside of Walgreens gave me my total of $10.76more or less,and I just thought that was way too much $ just for a roll of singles. Anyhow,I would like a discount or something?

Had I have known that the cost was that much,I wouldn't have turned my film into the photo center at Walgreens(Lake Elsinore,Ca;Central Ave.) I'm not sure exactly what could be done at this point,but if you could help me out a little bit,it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time; M.J.

Monetary Loss: $11.

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Here's a solution-- go digital, like every other human being already has.


Why should you be entitled to a discount just because you are cheap? Ask before you drop off your film.

A film costs $10.99 plus tax. If you want something a little less expensive then pay $4.99 for negative processing and $3.99 for a CD. End price is $8.98 plus tax. Next time ask before you leave your film.

If you haven't already done so, you better hurry up and pick up your pictures. they will be destroyed after 6 months and you will have only yourself to blame for being so penny pinching about your memories.


I work as a photo specialist, too. That's about the regular price for a roll of film to be processed at any walgreens store.

Like someone else said, chemicals are expensive, and the the fact that not a lot of places develop 35mm film anymore. A lot of the time we'll have $1 off film processing coupons in the ad, so you could use that too.

Next time ask the price first, and get negatives only with a photo cd


I am a photo specialist at walgreens and to process a roll a film (no prints) is $4.99, then you are charged per print you get. You don't have to get prints though.

A really popular option is get your negatives processed and get the images put on a cd. You still are charged for the negative processing but the cd doesn't cost as much as getting prints. Then you can use your cd to order prints of just the images you want or just share them online.

I work at store that still does 1 hour film processing, and I'm always asked how much it will be and I'm always honest about it. You just have to ask and we will gladly tell you :)

Also, watch the weekly flier, every once in awhile they have $1 off the negative processing coupons for photo.


That actually sounds about right if not cheaper. You got to realize that it costs to process the film itself.

Those chemicals they use for just developing the film are about 60-100$ a box. And those machines use about 5 boxes at once. They also need to be change out every month or sooner if theres a chemical contamination. Then the prints run about 29-39¢ each.

So I figure you should have paid about 12$ for everything.

So you did get your discount that your complaining about. Now take your $1 you saved and be on your way.


If you were worried about price should have asked when you dropped off. Not their fault you are a ***.

Why should they discount because of your mistake. What you should do is pay for services rendered.