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I used to work at the copy center at OfficeMax, so I understand not printing/copying things that are copyrighted. I got more than enough customers yelling at me when they tried to bring in copyrighted material and have me copy it, so I understand the reason for the rule.

However, I would have handled the situation I'm about to describe completely differently. The day before Thanksgiving, I went in to a Walgreens on Red Bank Rd in Goose Creek, South Carolina (because it's convenient and right by my house) to have some photos printed from my wedding. I needed them because I was going to visit family the next day and they still hadn't gotten any of my wedding pictures. I should also mention that my wedding was planned in six weeks, and the whole thing was on a very small budget, so my husband's cousin took our wedding pictures with his camera (which wasn't even a professional quality camera, just a point and shoot) and then put them on a flash drive for us.

When I came back half an hour later from having the pictures printed, the photo associate told me I needed to get the photographer to sign a release because the pictures were copyrighted. When I told her that my husband's cousin took them for free and that they weren't even professional quality, which I thought was obvious, she said 'Look ma'am, for all we know you could be lying, and they're obviously wedding pictures which means they're copyrighted, and you didn't take them because you're in the photos, so either have the photographer sign the release or print them yourself' and handed the paper to me. I asked to see a manager and she walked away into a back room. I was so mad I just left.

I couldn't believe she accused me of lying. Like I said, I totally understand copyright issues, but I'd never accuse the customer of lying when all they wanted was a few pictures printed.

Some of them were blurry for Christ's sake, they weren't professional and a relative took them. I went to Walmart to print the pictures, threw away my Walgreens shopper's card that same day, and I will never be back to Walgreens again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Manager.

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They still technically aren't yours. They belong to your cousin.

This is because he took them therefore they do legally belong to him. Printing them would be a potential lawsuit for the company.